The DL rollfold leaflet. Why you gotta love it.



Sure. We all love the flexibility and almost-free marketing value of social media and even of good old email.

But a simple DL gatefold mini-brochure is still a genius-level tool in virtually any business. (You know. It’s the kind of item you get if you fold a sheet of A4 into thirds, and use each of the 6 panels – fronts and backs – to tell your story.) Some kind of headline or intro on the front: summary and contact details on the back and all the rest on the 4 remaining panes.

Quick to sort out, low cost to produce, small enough to keep a few in a portfolio or briefcase, compact enough to go in DL envelopes with invoices or statements, able to team up with a simple letter to create a low cost DM pack, capable of sitting on stands at shows or being left in a stack on reception.

All from one item. Want one?