Transform your sales and marketing with imaginative thinking and powerful, intelligent copywriting .

Smart, intelligent and powerfully written copy makes your marketing work harder and more effectively.

My name’s Laurence Blume. I’m an expert and highly experienced freelance copywriter, and it’s for work like this that business owners, marketing execs and agency managers book their projects in with me time after time.  

Get in touch. You’ll benefit from the things I’ve learned during more than three decades of writing for the world’s leading enterprise companies, most exciting smaller businesses and most creative advertising and marketing agencies.

"An extremely helpful, professional and skilled copywriter who provides a great service."
Eoin MacHale, Kerteza UK
"What Laurence can give you is edge and personality. He understands business and brands and he's got the guts to push you until you get to the right place."
Mike Thompson, The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
"Laurence brings first class copywriting industry experience to businesses that could not hire a major agency. All of the skill and talent without the overhead."
Bradley Starr, Bizantra

Compelling copy for your website and blog.

Intelligent and incisive writing that will rank your site, hold visitors’ attention and build engagement with  your users.

Persuasive copy to help you sell.

Powerful and emotionally intelligent writing that converts visitors and recipients – B2B or B2C – into customers.

Whichever sector your business or organisation is in, and no matter what its size, I can help you make its messaging, communications and content better focused, more impactful and more effective.

I’ve worked for companies in every industry and profession. I’ve worked for solo entrepreneurs and for the world’s largest corporations, and all of this experience is available to your business when you hire me. 

Call me now. I’m probably here at my desk writing.

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Engaging copy to build your following.

Engaging, relationship-building writing based on years of understanding of the ways people connect and sustain relationships with brands.

I give each project I take on my complete commitment, but I can can have the greatest impact for clients ready to build an ongoing working relationship.

With the opportunity to get to know your business and work together over time, I can help you plan and execute marketing communications  which will drive sales, generate leads, build customer relationships and achieve other important KPIs… no matter which medium or platform you’re using.

I work to agreed timelines, I price competitively, and we settle on a fixed, ‘start to finish’ fee together,  in advance, so you know exactly how much the work will cost.

And that's not the half of it.

Need something else? I write for the full spectrum of marketing media and platforms. I can help you  with brand and marketing consultancy, too.

Over my career as a freelance copywriter, I’ve worked with clients in just about every sector.

Whatever kind of organisation you are, I'm used to that kind of environment.

I write for big businesses and small businesses. I write for one-person startups. I write for agencies, web dev companies and  digital marketing agencies. 





I have clients throughout the UK and around the world: Scandinavia, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, Ukraine, UAE, Brazil, Israel, UAE,  Hong Kong, USA and India to name but a few of their locations.

Every one of them enjoys the same level of professional service, consideration and unstinting help that I’d be pleased to offer to you, too.

Get in touch. I'd love to talk to you.

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