Simple B2B direct marketing for small business

B2B direct marketing.

This same request, and its solution, come up time after time from clients. Thus, simple as it is, I figure there have to be people for whom it would be of value to see it set down in type.

A business needs to make sales contact with target businesses. It wishes to send out some communication, but is uncertain of what to send, and by what method.

Well, assuming that this is to be a low cost exercise, there are two ways to go. You either go digital, or you go print.

If you go digital, saving on print and postage (always good where you have a large data list or wish to update regularly), you need an email in which to set out your basic story and a .pdf brochure, a short powerpoint deck(.ppt) or a web landing page created specifically for the purpose with which to provide deeper information.

The choice of which of these to use is generally best made by trying to anticipate the working environment of your recipients. Some people in corporate settings use powerpoint all day and are used to viewing presentations in this format. There are more useful information on this website. Others, in smaller or less corporate settings, may rarely use it and find a .pdf far more familiar. A landing page works for everyone, but there’s a sense of it ‘disappearing on close’, as opposed to being locally saveable on the recipient’s PC

If you go ink on paper, then it’s a single page A4 cover letter with some sort of supporting leaflet or brochure. This second item will often need be nothing fancier than a 1/3 A4 rollfold or z-fold leaflet.

In either case, telephoning the recipients (assuming you have numbers) a few days after your mailing will significantly lift response and conversion. You don’t have to do this yourself, and can safely outsource follow up calling to people who will confirm targets showing interest and feedback details so you can then call them yourself.