Forum posting. A 10 minute investment in your marketing.

You’d love your site to be on the first page of Google for your key searches.

But it isn’t going to get there all by itself.

If you’re big enough your best bet now, with SEO being both time consuming and complicated, is to hire in an SEO company.

If you’re not quite in that league yet, though, but would like to do some things to help yourself, you’ll be amazed by how much good you can do by investing the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee every day into a little homegrown SEO.

Here’s one to start you off. Find 2 or 3 forums that deal with the business sector you’re in.

Sign up.

Set up your signature (the bit that will appear automatically each time you post) to include the URL of your site.

Then go to one or other forum each day and post. Either add a reply to something someone else has posted, or post on a completely new but relevant subject. The only thing you should avoid doing, as it just tends to irritate other members of the forum, is overtly ‘selling’ your products or services.

The point is that each time you post, you will generate a new backlink to your website.

(A backlink is a link from another site to your site.)

Google’s web crawlers love them: the more you have, the more ‘important’ Google deems you to be.

The more important Google deems you to be, the higher you go up the search results.

Free. Easy. Effective.

5 Responses to “Forum posting. A 10 minute investment in your marketing.”

  1. Swapnil

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  2. Small Business Help

    I think the key here is to remember that you should post relevant content, and be an active member of the forum that you subscribe to. Google and forum admins are getting smarter when it comes to randomly-created, spammy accounts. There are no quick fixes – you need to work hard to make these links count!

  3. Unnamed user

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