Freelance copywriter? Great ways to think about what we do.

I’ve always thought being a freelance copywriter is a bit of privilege. You get something new and challenging to pit your wits against every few days. You get all the satisfaction of growing and managing a business of your own and it holds out the promise of a very decent living. Plus… its great and shining attraction for so many people… you can do it just about anywhere you’re able to organise your thinking and find the space to write. Including, of course, at home. But if you look a little harder, there are other, less prosaic benefits and opportunities that make the business of being a freelance copywriter rewarding, satisfying… and worth getting up to do again tomorrow. Don’t tell everyone though: they’ll all want to do it. If you want to get additional information, you should click this link.

As a freelance copywriter, your pen is, indeed, mighty.

Sometimes clients will show up who really do have a problem. Sometimes they’ll need sales badly, and be uncertain of what to do to get them. Sometimes they’ll be so close to their business that they can’t see the wood for the trees and so are stumbling around lost. Other times they might be speaking too softly. They may even have fallen out of love with their own business and be letting this come across to their customers. You can save them though. You and your freelance copywriting pen. With a well constructed argument. Or a truly original insight. Or some redefining humour. Or just some clarity and understanding.

You can make rain.

When things go quiet for your clients, when leads dry up, when heads go down, you have the power to turn them around. Hell. You’re a freelance copywriter! Through almost any channel of communication, you can retell a business’s story, re-present its offer, make a loud noise about it, win it some attention, make it seem attractive and, quite genuinely, transform its outlook and its fortunes. Sometimes, you can do it faster than its own best salespeople, simply through the power of what you write.

You can be your client’s best ever investment.

Whatever you charge, it’s not that much. I’ve found that most of the jobs I have done in years of being a freelance copywriter have taken a few days to do. So for your client, the outlay to have you do something is probably just two or three days of your fee. In return for that, you can say thank you by delivering a huge upswing in sales. You can make people think about your client’s business differently. Make them like it more. You can write out blockages in understanding that are stopping people buying. You can make staff feel proud of their employer and so work harder and happier. In short, you can repay the investment in using you a hundred fold, or a thousand fold,  without even trying, and a business has very few ways of getting that kind of return on any investment it makes.

You can right wrongs.

You are a voice. You can speak soft or speak loud, but sometimes the opportunity will come to speak for good or against wrong. And when it does you can make a difference. Use your writer’s power to aid the underdog, fight the bully and beat the odds. Going over the heads of wrongdoers or ogres, private or corporate, is no less the responsibility of freelance copywriters than it is of crusading journalists or zealous libertarians.

What you write can be, simply, beautiful.

Few copywriters are poets. (We should try not to forget this!) But in the same way that a piece of mathematics can be beautiful in its inarguability and self-evidence, so sometimes what you write will be such a clear, lucid and definitive solution to a problem, that you’ll know it as such as soon as it’s written. And so will your client. And so will the people he or she wants to influence. When you do that, when that happens, the feeling of being a freelance copywriter is every bit as good as that experienced by any other craftsperson on a day when everything just clicks.