Work in an Enterprise organisation and need a suitably experienced copywriter?

If you work in an Enterprise organisation and need a copywriter, you’ll want to find someone who is familiar with Enterprise expectations and environments.

So do I understand Enterprise organisation culture?

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to work with some of the world’s largest enterprise organisations, and am familiar with the structures, dynamics and protocols encountered when working with such organisations.

I am attentive and respectful of these influences at all times, and cognisant of the reputational risk to which individuals commissioning suppliers within the organisation are exposed. 

Am I familiar with working in compliance environments?

Yes. I have significant experience in working within regulated financial services, pharma and care provision environments.

I will happily study compliance guidelines in advance of writing for you, and write with understanding and sensitivity.

I will revise in line with any stipulations made by your compliance team as part of the review process. 

Am I a stable and dependable supplier?

I commenced the supply of freelance marketing copywriting services in 2000.

My company, Big Lessons Ltd, was incorporated in 2004.

I have thus traded in this form without a break for 17 years, during which time I have worked with more than 1000 enterprise and smaller, privately held organisations.

Whether or not I meet the requirements of your Supplier Guidelines will depend on those requirements, but I will make every effort to comply.

Do I carry professional indemnity cover?

Not generally.

I do not perform tasks on behalf of clients in which any failure on my part would result in significant loss to the client.

I also require all clients to indemnify me against any claim for loss or damages that might result from any eventuality associated with my endeavours on their behalf in undertaking their project. 

Have I attained ISO 9001 certification?


I am an individual consultant and, as such, pursuit of ISO 9001 certification is impractical.

The majority of client organisations with which I work do not expect standards certification from small scale consultants or contractors.


Am I a self-employed contractor?

No. When you hire me to work on a project, you are actually contracting my company, Big Lessons Limited.

Big Lessons Limited is a privately held company, registered in England & Wales no 5237822.

Our Registered Office is at 5 Technology Park, Colindeep Lane, Colindale, London, United Kingdom, NW9 6BX.

Get in touch.

I’d be delighted to discuss your project with you. If you feel I may be able to help you, please get in touch.