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The 9 Big Stresses of Freelance Life.

freelance stress

We all know and love the benefits of being freelance. But freelance life has its drawbacks, too, and stress from a range of causes and situations is high on the list. So here are 9 big stresses of freelance life… along with tips for beating them. 1. “Where will my next job come from?” freelance stress. Worrying about how you’ll get… Read more »

What’s a Junior Copywriter?

You’ve seen an ad for a Junior Copywriter. And you’re wondering what, exactly, that is. So let’s shine some light on it for you by looking at it in two halves: ‘Junior’ and ‘Copywriter’. I’m going to do ‘Copywriter’ first. If you’re not exactly sure what a ‘Junior Copywriter’ is, it’s perfectly possible that you’re not… Read more »

Yeah. You can quote me.

“So… how much does copywriting cost?” Well… I quote a lot of jobs. Maybe three of four a day. And I’ve been quoting three or four jobs a day for years. So I’m fairly good at it. I take time and care to analyse each project requirement, quantifying the time I’ll need to do every aspect of the… Read more »

Write your own web content. My Dozen ‘Do’s.

12 Web Copywriting tips

The core of your user experience. Way ahead of look and feel. Making sure you have well written web content is the single most important element in making your site perform for you. Your written web content drives your SEO. It has to hold people on your site when they first arrive, preventing them ‘bouncing’. It has to engage them, reassure them, inform them, befriend them, persuade them and, ultimately close them. So… Read more »

How to leave your job and become a freelance copywriter.

For everyone who is a freelance copywriter, there are days when the security of employment looks incomparably attractive. But if you’re employed, the idea of quitting your job and working for yourself as a freelance copywriter can look even more appealing. If you’ve always been an employee, the desire to leave behind bosses, office politics and fixed hours for ever can be… Read more »

Copywriting Tips. 11 Great Things To Learn.

Convinced that being a copywriter is your true calling, but finding there’s a little more to it than you’d imagined? Don’t get disheartened. Here are 11 copywriting tips (and in particular for tips for aspiring copywriters): 11 Great Things To Learn that will stand you in good stead for ever. 1. Learn about marketing. Copywriting… Read more »