Run an agency or web company and need a copywriter for a client project?

Do you work for an advertising agency, digital marketing firm, design company, PR, web development or SEO company and need a copywriter who can help you quickly and without a fuss?

If so, give me a call.

I regularly work with all of these kinds of businesses, and I understand precisely what you’ll need and what you expect from freelance help.

Can I write proper, long, grown up copy?

Yes. I’m a career copywriter with three decades of experience, and that’s what a lot of the work I do comprises.

I can write short, punchy copy in which the key points of a focused message are contained in a few short lines, or even just a single headline.

But if your job calls for thousands of words, or an entire set of chapters, or very long web pages, I can plan out the structure for this and write it.

Don’t take it for granted that every copywriter you speak to can do this. Long copy is a dying art!

Am I the kind of copywriter that does 'creative ideas'?

Yes I am.

I was a top ad agency writer and Creative Director for 18 years, developing memorable creative ideas for big advertising campaigns across TV, print and outdoor.

So my background is 100% in conceptual work.

Even when I work on a project which doesn’t seem overtly to call for ‘creative thinking’, the basic requirements of creative development – originality, relevance and memorability – are close to top of mind.


Will I understand your client's complicated business?

If you take a look through my samples gallery, you’ll see that I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of clients companies in just about every industry sector there is. I have a huge amount of experience. However tricky their business or sector might be to understand, I will understand it. What’s more, I’m very likely to have written about it before.

Will I be able to write in your client's brand tone of voice?

My job is to understand every brand I write for, think about its audience, and then work in a tone of voice that represents the former and engages the latter.

If you want to provide brand guidelines from your client, then that’s great.

But I do not have a tone of voice of my own, in which I write for every client.

Like an actor, I find the voice of the character (brand) for which I am writing.

Can you trust me with web content work?

You most certainly can.

I started writing websites, incredible as this now seems, in 1995. So more than twenty five years ago.

Since then I’ve written more than a thousand of them, sometimes crafting just a single page of content, but usually writing a full site. This has been anywhere in length from a few pages to over 200 pages.

I also have a good and always up to date understanding of the requirements of writing content for tangible SEO benefit.

Do I blog for clients?

Yes, but only when the conditions are right.

If your client can satisfy these, which will enable me to create high quality and authoritative posts for them on a regular basis, then I’d be delighted to talk to you about it.

Blog posting for any business needs a proper commitment from the client to support the process at their end.

In addition, it requires me to invest in developing a substantial understanding of the business and sector in question.

Without this, the posts will never be credible as being authoritative information from an expert in the field. And that, of course, is what your client needs its blog posts to be.


Can I hit a very short deadline?

Let’s talk about it, but the answer is very often “Yes”.

If you’ve used up your time internally, or you’ve had a disaster, or someone’s let you down, give me a call and let’s go over what you need.

I can very often move around the projects I’m working on so that I can help someone with a genuine panic.

So can I get your copy back to you today? Possibly.

Would I do it overnight tonight , so you have it first thing? Again… maybe.

Let’s talk it over.


Will I come and work in your offices?

It’s not a great favourite of mine, but it’s not impossible.

The most efficient and effective way for me to work on your brief is in my own office, where it’s quiet, I can concentrate, and the coffee is exactly how I like it.

Copywriting takes a lot of concentration. It’s not something that’s easy to do in open-plan workspaces.

If you’re in London or nearby, and you’d be happy just to brief face to face, I’ll come in, meet you, and do that. And if you need another meeting later on, I’ll come in for that, too.

Generally, however, we’ll find that I can do your job best, quickest and most affordably just working together via email, phone, Hangouts, Zoom or Skype.


Can I work as half of a creative team with an art director?

Sure I can. I spent 18 years of my life as half of copywriter/art director teams in top London ad agencies.

So, if your project is conceptual, I can work with one of the highly experienced freelance agency art directors I collaborate with, or I can work with an art director from your own team, if you prefer.

If we’re doing a project of this kind, then we can discuss whether the art director and I work in your offices or off-site.

Get in touch.

I’d love to collaborate with you on a client project. If you think I might be able to help… get in touch!