It’s a privilege to work with smart and professional entrepreneurs, whose business plan is both robust and intrinsically ethical. I wrote this pre-launch landing page in a tone of voice sympathetic to the view of the brand, and its target audience, suggesting that we can surround ourselves with luxury while helping build a world that is socially and economically fairer. Landing page for ethical fragrance brand Nadra Safiri.

completed: 2022
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Nadra Safiri. Join us on our journey.

 Nadra Safiri. Rare and evocative fragrances steeped in a mantle of artisan craft and global kinship.

Blended from elusive and enchanting ingredients by indigenous perfumers in undersupported communities in Africa as well as emerging nations elsewhere in the world.

With fabulous fragrances, ethical purchasing and consumption and sustainable sourcing, Nadra Safiri is now approaching its magical dawn.

Come with us.


Rare and enchanting fragrances

You. The spaces you inhabit.

Hints of distant worlds.

Nadra Safiri works with indigenous perfumers to fashion unique and unexpected fragrances, using ingredients of great rarity and the highest quality to create products evoking romanticism, mysticism and exploration.

Calm. Still. Beautiful.

Relying on the centuries-honed craftsmanship of our perfumers we produce, slowly and painstakingly, the very smallest quantities of organic essential oils.

We present these distillations in reed diffusers lasting  several months; small bottles and tiny trial phials of individual oil blends; and also as beautiful room candles.

A hand spun oil burner, to enable our oil blends to suffuse your living space, is made exclusively for us by African potters working with African Terracotta.


Nadra Safiri. Come with us.

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Launch collection

Nadra Safiri launches with two distinctive signature fragrances.

Tuliá – ‘Calm’ in  Swahili – a refreshing waft of bergamot that unfurls gently into a heart of orange blossoms, with its enlivening aroma mingling with luxurious woods.

Reis – ‘Journey’ in Afrikaans – blends the creamy woodiness of sandalwoods with the freshness of Moroccan cedarwood and the rich, sweet and enticing smoky notes of the exotic Muhuhu.

In addition, our first seasonal fragrance

Roosbloom – Rose Flower – is presented simply as a rose geranium candle, made with oil distilled from flowers grown in the Western Cape by our artisan perfumers.


“Sensual and exotic. Totally unique and utterly, entirely beautiful!”



 Sharing riches

Our indigenous natural perfumers reside in remote, underdeveloped and frequently economically undersupported places and communities.

Their skills and craft are rare and precious, handed between generations and ensuring blend recipes of almost mythical beauty.

With their help, Nadra Safiri brings natural goodness, nuance and sensuous fragrances into your space.

At the same time, the ethical supply chain and ecosystem we have built supports these ignored communities in no less than six of the UN’s Sustainable Development goals.

So be that person.

Come with us.


Across Egypt, Madagascar, South Africa and Morocco, our ravishing Tulia fragrance supports 5 family-owned businesses and sole traders.

 Our enticing Reis fragrance supports 5 family-owned businesses and sole traders across Indonesia, Tanzania, Mozambique and Morocco.


Nadra Safiri. Come with us.

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Your world is kind. Providing.

Your space is welcoming. Styled for your pleasure.

With our opulent natural fragrances, Nadra Safiri enriches your tranquillity and calm, bringing the produce of true artisans around the world to make your day gentler and caress away its strains.

Come. Come with us.


Nadra Safiri. Come with us.

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