These three ads, written to advertise my retail bed client Taurus Beds on Facebook, where advertising can accurately target a host of contextual clues, are designed, in turn, to reach young men, young women and, delightfully, a third group classified by the media planner as ‘bedbugs’. Social media advertsing for Taurus Beds.


Impress In The Bedroom

Wait till they see what you’re blessed with! Stylish wooden beds. Beautiful finishes. Fabulous memory mattresses.



Prepare To Lie In More

Stylish wooden beds. Beautiful finishes. Comfy memory-foam mattresses. Make the most of every delicious bed minute.



Hey, Dozey!

Love your sleep? Can’t wait to curl up at night?
22 welcoming styles. 10 come-to-bed finishes. Sumptuous memory-foam mattresses.

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