I wrote DM letters and other marketing material for Wickes for a number of years, during which time the company’s DM achieved truly outstanding results. The pack from whose letter this sample comes speaks in a frank and uncluttered tone to the kind of advanced DIYers who are able to undertake larger home improvement project for themselves. DM pack letter for Wickes.

completed: 2006
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When you do major projects on your home, you need the kind of ‘trade’ supplier the trade use.

Dear Mr Martin,

I’m writing to you as a result of the visit you made, earlier in the year, to the Home Building and Renovating Show at the NEC.

I hope you enjoyed this really excellent show, and found it useful in developing your plans for your next home project, whatever this might be.

For us, as one of the UK building trade’s biggest suppliers, people like your are particularly interesting.

Although you’re not ‘trade’ in the way that the thousands of builders, carpenters, roofers, plumbers, plasterers and electricians who buy quality materials and tools from us every day are, you’re not the kind of ‘ordinary DIYer’, whose needs can be met by ‘ordinary’ DIY retailers, either.

Whether you’re physically doing a major home improvement project yourself, or are masterminding it yourself, buying in all the components, but then employing some professional help to put it all together, you know what you’re doing in pretty much the same way as the trade do, and that’s why we feel you’d find Wickes your perfect project partner, just like the trade do!

The materials, tools and prices you need to tackle big jobs.

For any major project you need to be able to get your hands on good, continuously replenished stocks of high quality materials, be they timber, fixings, cement, plaster, bricks, roofing, central heating components or whatever else your project calls for. If you can get them all from one place, so much the better.

At Wickes, we carry massive stocks of our own-label, high quality materials in all these categories. We carry full ranges of everything. We can supply the larger quantities you need from stock, and if you do find us out of anything, you can be sure more stock is only a day or so away.

It doesn’t stop at materials, either. We carry a comprehensive range of our own, high quality power tools and specialist hand tools, all built to the trade specification you need for tough, bigger scale home projects.

Best of all, all our materials and tools are keenly priced, with enormous savings on offer in store.

Exciting ranges of quality kitchens, conservatories, bedrooms and bathrooms.

If you’re building a conservatory, or adding or renovating a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, our stores have full display showrooms, where you can inspect our top quality, well designed ranges, make your choice and talk over installation requirements with our design consultants.

As wll as being very popular with homeowners for their smart, contemporary design features, Wickes kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and conservatories are big favourites with the building trade for their durability, build qaulity and ease of installation.

Please tell us about the projects you’re planning. We’d like to help.

As a more serious DIYer, we’d like to find out more about ways in which we can help you with the kind of larger scale DIY projects you might be thinking of undertaking.

If you take a moment to fill in the prepaid reply card I’ve enclosed, we’ll not only have a better idea of the kind of jobs you’re thinking about doing, but we’ll also add you to a special list of customers who are ‘Serious DIYers’. GFrom tim e to time we’ll then be able to write to you about savings and other matters that might interest you.

As an introduction, and as a thank you for sending back the completed card, we’ll be pleased to send you a card entitling you to a 10% discount on anything purchased in store at Wickes between now and 30 November 2005.*

Just think, if you’re planning a project right now, that could save you quite a lot of money. Even if you’re not, there’ll be lots of opportunities for us to help you AND save you money in the future. Fill in the card and post it back to us today!

Yours sincerely,

Steven W__________

Customer Relations Manager

When you’re doing it yourself…do it with Wickes.

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