I’m not a huge fan of talking furniture (or of talking inanimate objects in general), but the Old Boot marketing team wanted 32 handsome leather chairs and sofas to be described in the first person, each one introducing itself to the reader in its web description as though talking to him or her directly. While it was impossible to create 32 distinct and developed characters in the number of words available, whilst including all required product info, I was able to deliver each description in a warm, endearing and whimsical tone of voice pertinent to it’s product name or key characteristic. E-tail product descriptions for leather furniture retailer Old Boot.

completed: 2012
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I’m a compact, English made leather Chesterfield, with a three-fold sofa bed tucked in my base. Old Boot Vintage Leather all over and a very comfy, 6cm mattress.


Chesterfield sofa bed? Really? Well… history tells us sometimes people come to stay. When they do, I’m there. I mean, there’s no historical reason why a leather Chesterfield sofa bed shouldn’t have the looks and comfort of a normal leather Chesterfield! Come and sit. See? Deep, foam-cored cushions you never have to plump, with duck feather inserts to make them feel lived in, and a historically proper deep-buttoned back and arms. Now. Flip off my cushions, and open out my three-fold sprung mattress base. Stretch out on my 6cm mattress. It’s easily comfy enough for everyday. Course, being a Chesterfield sofa bed (even one so compactly styled), I have a solid hardwood frame. I’m covered in beautifully worn and loved Old Boot Vintage Leather, and I have leather piping and hand studded detailing on my arm fascias, and studding right across the front of my base, too. Do note my feet, as well. Another lesson from history. Hand polished buns, with antique brass castors on my front, and two gently curved legs at my back. Please let me move in. We can have your friends and family to stay!

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