I did a huge amount of work for Malawi telecoms network Afrimax, helping position the launch of an ‘Unlimited’ model that was unmatched by any provider previously in the market. I wrote all copy in the launch phase of the campaign in a light, accessible and easy to follow tone of voice, making it easy for users to be sure that they were understanding a potentially ‘too good to be true’ offer correctly. Launch marketing brochure for Malti telecoms network Afrimax.

completed: 2018
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Sign up to Afrimax Unlimited.

Enjoy fast, all-day 4G/LTE connection to the internet, at home or at work, with absolutely no limit on how much data you use.

Be connected at home and connected at work.

We provide you with a portable Access Device.
It’s Inclusive with some of our Data Plans, and has an additional monthly Rental charge with others.
So long as you are in range of the device with your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you’re connected.
You can move the device as you like between work and home and keep on using your connection*.

As much data as you want, every single day.

You start every day at the highest speed your Plan offers and with unlimited data.
You stay at top speed, doing whatever you want to do online, until you reach your Plan’s ‘Unlimited’ threshold for the day.
Then, if there’s still more you want to do online that day… it’s fine!
Just keep right on working, watching, listening, playing or chatting… your data really is unlimited.
The only thing you may notice is that your connection slows a little for the remainder of that day.
But when midnight comes… you start over at top speed.

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