Based in the East Midlands former heartland of the British motor industry, Rhyno Movers is a niche engineering manufacturer producing a high quality, precision engineered caravan mover in the face of low-cost imported competitors. The tone of voice and messaging of the ad both aim for a strident and proudly British positioning. Specialist press full-page ad for Rhyno Movers.

completed: 2010
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Thinking of buying an imported caravan mover? This should turn you around and point you in our direction.

Rhyno. The radio control handset caravan mover 100% made in Britain, using 100% British components, including high-quality, British-built motor gear boxes.

Rhyno is the lightest, most robust caravan mover you can buy.

All Rhynos have High Grip Steel Rollers for ultimate reliability, fit all British and Continental caravans and, by sitting above the chassis rail, give you more ground clearance than any other mover.

Rhyno Lite and Rhyno Charger are single-axle movers for caravans loaded to 1800kg or 2200kg.

Rhyno Twin Axles are built for twin-axle caravans up to 2200kg.

Rhyno movers are designed to fit yourself at home. Full instructions are provided and, being a British, company, we’re available on the telephone 7 days a week to help you fit your Rhyno correctly.

If you prefer, we’ll even come to you and fit your Rhyno for you.

Every Rhyno Lite is backed by a full 5 Year Warranty.

On Rhyno Chargers, it’s a Lifetime Warranty.

Rhyno. From as little as £599. A high quality item of British engineering… for less than you would pay for an import.


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