Secured market an advanced DNA marking solution sold through authorised main auto dealerships as an add-on at point of sale. I wrote this consumer-facing DL z-fold leaflet as a replacement for the company’s existing collateral used in this situation, which focused on the technology, rather than the consumer benefit of the solution. Showroom leaflet for DNA security specialist SecuRED.

completed: 2014
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Secured. Advanced DNA protection for your car… and for you.

Until it happens to you, it’s hard to understand the impact that having your car stolen can have on you.

Yet every year, over 360,000 people in the UK experience the sense of violation, as well as the inconvenience and financial loss, of finding their car gone.

Even if your car is recovered, the pleasure of ownership can disappear for ever.

Once a car that you love driving, owning and simply spending time in is stolen, it rarely ever feels the same again.

The idea that thieves have invaded your space, perhaps the loss of your possessions and the possible need for restoration change the way you feel about the vehicle for good.

SECURED is an advanced biotechnology treatment that marks your new car and all its valuable components with a unique DNA identity.

The DNA is contained in an invisible and unremovable treatment detectable only in UV light. Your car’s unique DNA identity is then stored securely in our database.

To a thief, the car you love is simply no longer worth stealing.

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