Penrix are a specialist petrochemical product sourcing consultancy, based in Teheran. Their far-sighted, UK educated CEO asked me to write a set of three letters for him, integrating his personal credential into his corporate pitch. I’ve found a voice which is both respectful and friendly, mixing the prevailing business correspondence custom of the region with my client’s Westernised background influences. Lead contact letter for energy sourcing specialist, Penrix.

completed: 2016
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Dear Mr Sample,

It was a pleasure to meet you recently at Oil & Gas Asia, in Karachi.

I trust you found the event of interest, and that your visit was successful.

Introducing you to Penrix

Having enjoyed a brief conversation at [Name of Event], I’d like to tell you a little bit about my company, Penrix.

Penrix specialises in sourcing Iranian refined petroleum products. Our team has a unique knowledge and understanding of the Iranian market, as well as the expertise and experience needed to operate within the Iranian system.

We have direct access to, and excellent relationships with, both the refineries and all reliable intermediary suppliers of the products I believe you might regularly procure.

Global standards of best practice

I’m proud to say that, as a company, we adhere to a global business standards approach: transparency, honesty and entrepreneurial drive, all of which can sometimes be difficult to find in Iran.

We have a small team, so can offer a very high level of personal attention and service. Each member of the team has an average of 7 years experience in sourcing and supplying Iranian petroleum products.

In addition, I myself have spent many years advising overseas companies in the Oil and Gas industry, from Teheran.

Before returning to Iran in 2008, I also spent 23 years in the UK, from where I hold a professional Accountancy qualification.

Developing a business relationship

I’d very much like the opportunity to talk to you further about Penrix. I believe we could offer you a very favourable procurement experience in terms of pricing, availability, product quality and, of course, service.

I will telephone you in the coming days to discuss this with you. It will be a pleasure to speak to you again and, I hope, might enable us to establish a business relationship. If you are planning to be in Teheran in the coming weeks, or if you would like to make the trip especially, my colleagues and I would be delighted to host you at our offices.

Yours faithfully,

Xxxx Xxxxxxx XXXX
Founder and Director

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