This job demonstrates how some messages and target audiences are so specific, that only a writer with expert or personal knowledge can hope to pull them off. My personal background means it is possible for me to write this donation appeal, for a Jewish charity addressing its UK donor base at a time in the calendar when donation is particularly appropriate, and to get the language and references right first time. But it would have been ridiculous for me to try to do the same thing for, say, a Muslim charity. The vernacular would not come naturally to me, and the result would fail to connect with its readers. Seasonal donation appeal for World Jewish Relief.

completed: 2007
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My Colleagues and I Pray You and Your Family be Inscribed for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 5768.

(And Please Would You Help Us Bring These Same Blessings to a Family Like Yours, Somewhere Else in the World?)

Dear Mr Sample, I wanted to write to you this Rosh Hashana, on behalf of all my colleagues here at World Jewish Relief, to wish you and your family a very sincere Shona Tovah.

We sometimes forget that you and others to whom we write at festival times seeking donations are very often relatives and personal friends of the 20 or so of us who work here.

This has set me thinking about another group of people, also rather more closely connected to you and I than we might sometimes remember.

I’m thinking of Jewish families much like ours, yet unfortunate enough to be living in rather less favourable parts of the world.

The families I’m talking about can be found in lots of places, but at this time very many of them are preparing to make Rosh Hashana as best they can in places like Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, or Argentina.

Families Like Ours. In Very Different Circumstances.

These people are just like us. Yet their lives bear little resemblance to ours.

Our good fortune gives us warm homes, food and new clothes with which to celebrate Rosh Hashana.

They go short of food. Their children make do with few toys and less books, and their communities struggle for the modest sums required to furnish a place to meet, pray and to celebrate their simchas.

This year. For Yom Tov. Please Help These People.

At World Jewish Relief, we help families struggling to live as Jews amidst the poverty (and very often anti-Semitism) of some of the world’s toughtest economies.

This Yom Tov, please will you help my colleagues and I make a real difference to the lives of people like you and I, living in disadvantaged communities around the world?

Shona tovah. Nigel ___________


PS. In addition to our work with families in the world’s poorest Jewish communities, World Jewish Relief also co-ordinates UK Jewish Community donation to secular aid appeals at times of acute humanitarian distress. Many of our supporters feel this a strong extra reason to help us.

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