Wigmore Investments is a private property investment company, whose buying clout and market relationships make available excess investment opportunities which the company offers to other private investors. In this sales letter, aiming to enlist recipients for a series of monthly newsletters offering valuable information on such investments, I’ve adopted a tone which uses the commercialism of a US style sales letter, but acknowledges the more restrained sensibilities of UK investors. Sales letter for property investment company Wigmore Investments (UK) Ltd.

completed: 2008
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If You’d Read These FREE Reports, You’d Know Exactly How You Were Going to Use Property to Make Certain You Retire Well Off.

It’s strange, isn’t it?

Deep down, you’ve probably always believed that buying residential property as an investment is ‘a good idea’.

And despite the variety of investment products available now, you probably feel that the wealthiest people you know yourself all invest in property.

You might also have noticed that of all the people who’ve told you during the last few years that “it’s over” that “the property market is dead”, or that “you can’t make money from property in Britain any more”, very few are wealthy themselves.

Sadly, people who try to convince you that you can’t make money out of investing in property tend to have little informed idea of what they’re actually talking about.

In the end, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but just as it’s dangerous to make decisions about your money without understanding what you’re doing, it’s irresponsible for people to risk harming other people’s financial security with their ignorance.

Would You Like To Get Rich Quick?

Like most intelligent people, your answer to that question is probably, ‘No. Not really’.

Or if it’s ‘Yes’, at a realistic level you know that unless you happen to win the lottery one week, getting rich quick is a pipedream, and schemes which appear to offer the prospect of achieving this are scams.

But would you like to get rich, period?

That’s a different question. But for most people, believe it or not, the answer is still ‘Not really’.

What most smart people actually want is not to be ‘rich’ at all. It’s a far more practical ambition.

Most people simply want to achieve real financial security for the long term.

Does That Sound Like You, Too?

Then read on. Because while you may have savings and investments sitting here and there, like most people you’d probably like to understand how to ensure your money grows year on year to a level where you are able to be sure of a comfortable retirement, free from worry.

To understand that… to understand how to work with available capital and turn it into the kind of money that secures your future for the long term, you simply have to understand about property, and about buying residential property to let.

This has never been more true than in the current environment, where the stock market offers neither great returns nor security.

You really do have to understand the incredible YEAR AFTER YEAR performance of residential property in the UK over the last half century.

You have to understand the fantastic tax advantages that make buying-to-let so effective.

You need to know about the various strategies used by good property investors to minimise risk and optimise return.

Buying property to let isn’t a short term strategy. It doesn’t make you rich in weeks. But it works.

How Do We Know?

We know because investing in property to let is what we do ourselves at Wigmore Investments.

We’re a substantial firm, based in Mayfair in London, which each year purchases hundreds of buy-to-let apartments in the South East of England. Hundreds. We frequently buy whole developments, where they are of sufficient quality. Once we’ve bought these apartments we get good quality tenants into them and let time, and the property market, do the rest.

Each year for the last 26 years, this is what we’ve done.

And each year for those 26 years, our investments have averaged a return of 9.8% on the price we’ve paid for our property. Come rain and come shine. 9.8% per annum. For 26 years. That compounds to a return of somewhere around 1000%. And It Gets Better.

Like most people, we never pay 100% cash for the apartments we buy.

Just as you probably did when you bought your home, we tend to invest about a quarter of the price of the property in cash, and cover the rest of the purchase with a mortgage. The rental from the apartment then pays for the mortgage from the start and even, after a few years, as rents increase, returns some income itself.

This means that the 9.8% return on the property price we mentioned before is actually a return of almost 40% per annum on our capital.

Imagine that. A return of 40% per annum, compounded year after year.

And that’s how we know that buy-to-let property works. Big time.

Even if you imagine that in the current economy the rate of return was only half of that…4.9%, say…that would still be a return of 20% per annum on your capital. Over 10 years, that compounds to a profit of well over 500%!

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