UK Business Opportunity Review is a subscription site that offers people considering a ‘business opportunity’ investment the opportunity to read reviews from others who have already spent money on the same scheme. It was the first real internet marketing venture by the now hugely successful entrepreneur Simon Coulson. I’ve written the single page sales letter in a very simple, direct style, letting nothing interrupt the ‘straight line’ from headline to sign off. Sales letter for UK Business Opportunity Review.

*If no image of the finished project is available, my .pdf copyvisual or .docx copysheet is shown in its place.

Before you risk your money on any UK business opportunity, read what people who risked theirs have to say.

At some time in the past, you seem to have ticked a box somewhere expressing interest in information about business opportunities.

So just like anyone who wants to target you with their ‘business opportunity’ scheme, all we’ve had to do to be able to write to you is purchase a list with your name on.

We don’t have a business opportunity to sell you, however.

We don’t have a scheme for beating online casinos, a system for winning on the horses, a method for making a fortune selling information on the internet, or a program to help you take control of your life.

You know those letters? ‘Get Rich Working At Home’? ‘Free Yourself From the 9 to 5 for Ever’? ‘Follow Our Racing Tips and Earn Your Way to a Fortune’?

What we do have is the honest, straight-up feedback of people who’ve already taken part in DOZENS of the UK’s most advertised business opportunities.

Ordinary people, like you, who’ve paid money to Streetwise Publications or to Andrew Reynolds to Jim Sheridan, Rothman Racing, Robert Carter or any of a host of others.

What did they get? How much did it really cost them? Did they think it was value for money? What were the hidden costs?

Most importantly, did they MAKE any money? Or do they feel ripped off?

Before you sign up to any UK business opportunity and risk hundreds…maybe even thousands of pounds of your money, invest £5 a month* for a year’s membership of UK Business Opportunity Review. Then you can log in and read what the people who’ve been there before you have to say about the people you’re planning on giving your money to.

Some opportunities come through with flying colours.

Others leave the people who fall for them feeling ripped off and angry.

Before you join, visit our site at, and read grateful feedback from members who feel we’ve saved them wasting their time and money.

Then, we urge you, sign up.

It’ll be a great investment.

Yours sincerely,

Simon ________
Publisher, UK Business Opportunity Review

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