Succinct, professional and explanatory tone, setting out Orange Juice’s flexible temporary recruitment solution in a 12-page brochure distributed to employers. Brochure for Orange Juice Recruitment

completed: 2009
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You work hard to keep your business moving.

Yet every email and every phone call has the power to change your needs.

More people. Differently skilled people. People in two places at once. People just for a day. People for 3 months but starting tomorrow. 1 person. 20 people. 1000 people.


Orange Juice specialises in the needs of businesses with warehouses, factories and production facilities in which temporary labour is a recurring requirement.

We solve temporary labour problems time after time, using a workforce of EC nationals raring to step in to help you fulfil orders, meet deadlines, handle rushes, pack consignments, stock supplies, drive, clean, clear, load or do anything else you need manpower to make happen.

We’ve been doing this, for businesses large and small, since 2004.

We can do it on the spur of the moment.

But, best of all, we like to work together, understanding your business, and helping you plan for its needs.

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