Secretariat is an entrepreneur driven attempt to create a new generation of superbike I’ve adopted a confident, best-in-vlass approach in writing this meeting leave-behind brochure, aimed at supporting the business owner’s efforts to raise funding. Funding brochure for prototype quad bike maker Secretariat.

completed: 2015
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The astonishing Secretariat FF

The worlds fastest quad bike

Secretariat FF is the world’s fastest, most desirable and most exclusive quad bike.

Built from carbon fibre, titanium, magnesium, aluminium and other, equally advanced materials, the Secretariat FF’s technologies immitate the tolerances and performance of Formula 1 race engineering.

Secretariat is F1 in miniature.

Prestige and performance

In addition to its own superlative engineering, Secretariat FF incorporates propietary components from the worlds most advanced and prestigious automotive suppliers.

FF delivers 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 2.5 seconds, achieving top speed in excess of 210mph (350 kph).

Secretariat FF. The Superquad and The eQuad

Secretariat FF is available in two exceptional versions.

Secretariat FF Superquad Petrol engine powered with twin turbos, performance of 400 bhp and a weight of 400 kg, delivering power/weight ratio of 1/1. Better than the Bugatti Veyron.

Secretariat FF eQuad Chassis, body, engine, batteries and drive designed and manufactured throughout for Secretariat. Delivers 250 kw power (125 kw each engine) with a range of 250-350 miles. No competitor comes close.

Exclusivity at speed

To ensure its exclusivity and protect the integrity of its production standards, worldwide availability of these consummate quads is restricted to just 101 models each year.

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