This 4 part pack for holiday property owning investment bond operator Holiday Property Bond is designed to remarket to individuals who have previously expressed interest in the opportunity. My tone of voice is consistent with the brand’s ongoing values, but a little more direct than usual in its approach, encouraging recipients to attend an open day event. Remarketing mailpack for Holiday Property Bond.

completed: 2015
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Maybe this is the time to take your interest in The Holiday Property Bond just that step further?

Dear [Mr] [Sample],

If you took the opportunity to get away for a holiday in midsummer this year, then your thoughts might by now be beginning to turn towards next summer, or at least towards plans for a winter break.

On the other hand, for many people who have (like you) at some time expressed interest in Holiday Property Bond, right now is the perfect time of year to pack a case and head off to enjoy off-peak prices, quieter poolsides and rather less relentless heat.

Whichever camp you are in, I feel this could be an excellent time of year for me to do my best to tempt you to actually come and meet us; and to see for yourself what The Holiday Property Bond has to offer.

A pleasant day out. That’s the very least it can be.

We do our best, via the regular packs we send out, to communicate the fantastically appealing benefits of The Holiday Property Bond to everyone who expresses interest in it.

But nothing would help you to understand what it is that delights HPB’s 41,000 Bondholders quite so clearly as coming along to one of our Open Days and seeing for yourself.

We hold these Open Days at our properties around the UK throughout the Autumn.

As well as giving you a great opportunity to see what all the fuss is about, visiting an Open Day is a perfect excuse to enjoy a delightful day out, with a stop for lunch or dinner en route, in one or other of your favourite parts of the country.

You can look around, stay as long as you like and, while there will certainly be an HPB representative available to talk to you and answer any questions you might have, I can absolutely promise you that no-one will try to sell anything to you.

How can I promise that?

Because we are not an organisation with anything to sell.

As I hope you’ve understood from the materials you’ve received from us in the past, The Holiday Property Bond is simply an investment in a life assurance bond. The Bond entitles you, as a Bondholder, to holiday, without paying rent for your accommodation, in any of the 1380 properties owned by the Bond at any of our 32 beautiful locations throughout the UK and Europe.

Can’t make an Open Day? Just come and meet us locally.

If you’re unable to manage a visit to one of our actual properties for an Open Day, we also have Open Events coming up at hotels all round the country.

These don’t, of course, give you the opportunity to experience the enchanting setting and impressive facilities of the properties you’d be free to holiday in as a Bondholder, but they do at least give you an opportunity to take your interest a step further.



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