A third example of an ongoing series of quarterly newsletters for the Brazilian industrial wax manufacturer, Pontes Industria. Newsletter for Pontes Industria.

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Recognition for Pontes in 2019 Brazil’s Best Socio-Environmental Practices.

Dear Friends,

I am so proud to be able to share with you that, for our Programme Pontes para Crescimento, Pontes has been awarded Benchmarking Certification as part of the 2019 Brazil’s Best Socio-Environmental Practices.

While there are also other exciting things going on which we will tell you about below, Programme Pontes para Crescimento is so close to my heart that this recognition is especially meaningful to me.

I hope you will share my pleasure at this news, and continue to work with Pontes Industria to make a better life for all in our Carnauba community.

Lara Pontes, President


Benchmarking Certification awarded to Pontes

Pontes Industria has been awarded Benchmarking Certification for the Programme Pontes para Crescimento by Benchmarking Brasil, and joins the roll of 2019 Brazil’s Best Socio-Environmental Practices.

Pontes was selected for Certification under Goal 8 (Decent Work & Economic Growth) of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The Benchmarking Certification programme is held in particular esteem because of its rigorous methodology (recognized by ABNT), the technical expertise of the evaluation panel which includes specialists from many countries, and the gravitas of its media, academic, commercial and public sector support.

Pontes will receive our Certification at the XVII Bench Day proceedings at the Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region, in São Paulo, on 26 June.

The day includes presentations and seminars to review and discuss the cases being Certificated.

In our case, we will be showing how our programme for improving work conditions has become the benchmark for social responsibility in the Carnauba sector.

2019 Programme Pontes para o Crescimento

As you can see from our new video, the 2019 Pontes para o Crescimento is now well underway.

The programme continues last year’s agenda, with training sessions and lectures focused on rights and duties, legislation, health and safety, good collection practices, traceability, and the conservation of Carnauba palm trees and the Caatinga biome.

We are also launching the first handbook of good manufacturing practices specifically for Carnauba powder extraction machines.

This is designed to inform and train both machine owners and operators on safety issues, and on the safe operation of these machines, and is supported with workshops and training event for owners, repair shops and machine manufacturers.

Our prototype of the Carnauba powder extraction machine has demonstrated to local producers the viability of this economical and simple approach to safety requirements.

UEBT makes Pontes first Carnauba manufacturer with Ethical Biotrade stamp.

Union for Ethical Biotrade has made Pontes Industria the first Carnauba Wax Manufacturer with Certification to confirm that its local Sourcing of Carnauba wax complies with the UEBT Ethical BioTrade Standard.

The UEBT ‘Sourcing With Respect’ label is awarded to companies whose sourcing systems have met strict standards for respecting people and biodiversity. Working with UEBT, Pontes strives continuously to improve its ethical sourcing of Carnauba.

Welcoming the world to our new website.

Finally, if you’ve not yet been to check out our new website, please take a look.

The site now has instant translation into English, Spanish, German, Japanese and Chinese, as well as our native Portuguese, so don’t forget to share it with colleagues, customers or friends around the world.


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