The Brazilian producer of Carnauba wax, Pontes Industria, has swiftly become one of my favourite clients. The company’s Marketing Director and her sister, who is the firm’s President, are reinvigorating a third generation family business, and injecting a wonderful mix of social and environmental enterprise into a company already strong on manufacturing. I designed a newsletter format that opens with a brief, personal update from the President, and then presents the showcase stories in a way that feels inclusive to customers, partners and workers alike. Quarterly newsletter for Brazilian Carnauba wax manufacturer Pontes Industria.

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Exciting News For Our Friends, As Well As For Our Customers.

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to be able to begin this latest newsletter by bringing you the exciting news that we have now launched our new production plant in Ceará. This is a very important investment for Pontes.

Having completely renewed and modernised our refinement capability, I am pleased to say that everything is running beautifully, and we are holding excellent stocks of all of our products.

I hope you will share our excitement about this development in our business. Whether you are our customer or our supplier, the wax being refined is as much yours as it is ours!


Lara Pontes, President


Children’s photo project across our community.

As a part of our work with our Suppliers in the rural communities across our Carnauba region, we are currently organising an educational and inspiring photographic project for young people.

We take photography classes and equipment to remote schools, show the students how to get started, and encourage them to use the camera to express what Carnauba means to them, their family and their community.

Their eye may be caught by the tree itself, by a Carnauba straw vase sitting on a table, or by the Carnauba broom their grandmother uses to sweep their home. As one child put it quite beautifully, “Carnauba? Carnauba is my Grandpa.”


Talking to the Union for Ethical Biotrade.

Our President, Lara Pontes was recently interviewed by EthicalBiotrade about our approach to green and socially responsible business at Pontes. If you’d like to read this, you can find it here.

EthicalBiotrade has also published an article about Carnauba in general, which you can read here.


Have you seen our short video?

[insert video]


Kind words from a Pontes customer.

We are hugely grateful for these kind words, received recently from our valued client Antonio E Ospina, General Manager of Praxa Construcciones S.A

“We would like to pay tribute to the Pontes Family’s hard work, and in particular to the efforts of Pontes Industria to benefit the general wellbeing of those whose work contributes to, and whose livelihoods depend on, your success. 

It is a testimony to the humanity of the Pontes Family, that you are working to ensure an income and decent standard of welfare both for your field workers, and for everyone else whose livelihood is derived from Carnauba wax.This of course includes ourcustomers nationwide, whose livelihoods depend in part on the products they make from  your wax”.


Visits to our suppliers.

Visiting our suppliers has long been a key part of our business.

Following a 2 month campaign in which we completed more than 30 training events across the 4 Carnauba wax producing states, and distributed more than 5,000 PPE’s and items of equipment, we are now out once again visiting suppliers.

These visits not only give us a chance to discuss issues relating to production and business in general, but also enable us to assist in ensuring working conditions meet the standards we want to help all our suppliers to achieve.


Thank you for your interest in what’s happening here at Pontes.

We will email you again soon with more news about the wonderful and natural product which we all share in growing, producing and using.

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