I’ve established a no-nonsense, direct and purposeful sales tone in which to present this unregulated investment opportunity in operational pub premises to private investors. Investment prospectus for investment manager Bean Wealth.

completed: 2012
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Buy pub premises leased to an established, innovative and highly successful wet pub operator.

An outstanding, secure and high-yield opportunity.

You don’t need to be an expert to recognise that the UK’s pub market has changed dramatically in recent years.

The brewer-owned pubs that used to pack in drinkers night after night have long since been sold on to leisure companies for which the running of pubs is the core competence, and these companies have refocused a majority of the pubs around lucrative food offers. Many others, whose premises were unsuited to this kind of business model, or which were sited too close to other premises owned by the same company, have closed.

The result is that many areas that once enjoyed a convenient, popular pub no longer have one. Equally, many people who look to the pub for a drink and some fun, rather than as a place to dine, are poorly catered for and many excellent pub buildings and sites stand empty and on the market.

For an innovative and determined pub operator, these factors combine to create an excellent environment in which to acquire, refurbish and operate successful ‘wet’ pub brands. This opportunity is especially strong in the north of England where a good night out at a pub geared for drinking and entertainment remains as popular as ever.

Bean Leisure. Creating an outstanding opportunity for you.

Bean Leisure (our sister company within Bean Group) has been acquiring, developing and operating liquor-led, freehold pubs, primarily located in town or city centres and on main arterial routes throughout the north of England, since 1997.

By developing powerful new brands recognised by the consumer as offering an outstanding experience and excellent value for money, Bean Leisure has built a position of strength in the market. In doing so, it has established a commercial roadmap defining it as a stable, growing and so highly desirable, long term commercial tenant.

Bean Leisure is run by a management team with huge experience in the acquisition, redevelopment and commercial operation of pubs. To date, the company has acquired, refurbished and is successfully operating over 40 units.

In collaboration with Bean Leisure, Bean Wealth has developed an outstanding opportunity enabling you to benefit from Bean Leisure’s expertise in sourcing heavily discounted pub premises, and from their experience and success in turning these premises back into thriving ‘wet’ pubs with a profitable, long-term future.

The opportunity is a freehold commercial property investment, paying a handsome yield and without the usual risks associated with securing and managing commercial tenants.

As a sign of our faith in this opportunity, Bean Group will continue to hold a portion of these investments in its own portfolio, so that our money is invested alongside yours.


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