Fun. Boisterous. But not too laddish. And a clear and powerful presentation of an excellent and valuable promotional offer. DM piece for stag and hen night specialist Red Seven

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We’d Love To Help You Organise Your Stag Weekend.

In Fact… We’d Love To Help You Pay For It.

Dear Mr Sample,

It’d be remiss of us to start by doing anything other than wishing you huge congratulations on your engagement and our very, very best wishes for your wedding.

But there’s a major event we want to talk to you about before you get as far as the wedding.

As the UK’s biggest and best loved planners of unforgettable stag events, we’d like to help you and your friends organise the kind of weekend away that will send you off in real style.

An Amazing Stag Weekend For You And All Your Mates.

Fantastic UK Stags in any one of 21 amazing cities. Amazing Europe at any of 30 party destinations in 15 fun-packed countries. Stunning World Stags in America or Morocco.

Wherever you fancy going, and whatever you’d like to do when you get there, our stag Organisers have the experience and the imagination to make it come true for you.

Help With Every Detail Of Your Stag. Including Paying For It!

Red Seven stag Weekends give you amazing value for money. Because we send people off on weekend after weekend, we get better deals on fares, hotels, restaurants, clubs and activities than you could hope to get yourself. Which means you’re left with more money to spend on yourselves once you get there.

But to make your stag even more exciting, and to leave you even more money to spend on yourselves, we’re introducing the exclusive Red Seven Send Off Card, preloaded with your own personal Discount Gift.

The Exclusive Red Seven Send Off Card. Up to £1500 OFF Your Stag Weekend. Guaranteed.

Your personal Red Seven Send Off Card is enclosed. Please take good care of it as a replacement card CANNOT be issued.

Your Send Off Card has ALREADY been loaded with your personal stag Weekend Discount Gift. It could be a congratulatory £15, a very nice £50, a lovely £100, a fantastic £500, an astonishing £1000 or even, for some lucky party…an incredible £1500 off the cost of an unforgettable stag weekend.

Don’t Waste a Second. Call Us Now to Find Our How Much Your Personal Send Off Card Will Save You On Your Stag Weekend.

Red Seven Send Off Card Discount Gifts have been allocated by ballot. To find out the value preloaded to your card, call us today on 0800 970 2744. It will take one of our stag Organisers just a few moments to validate your Card and tell you how much it will save you off your weekend. Then you and your friends can go off to our website, check out destinations and activities, and start putting together your perfect stag.

Don’t Let Your Send Off Card Discount Gift Go To Waste!

Because your Send Off Card has been pre-loaded with your Discount Gift, you must call us to validate it within 14 days of the date of this letter. You will not be able to claim your Discount Gift after this date as this card will be cancelled.

Do not delay calling us to validate your card. It would be crazy to leave a Discount Gift that could be worth as much as £1500 unclaimed.

It’s Your Stag. And Your Discount Gift.

We want you to have an amazing weekend. You can spend your Discount Gift on a weekend wherever you want, doing whatever you like. It doesn’t even have to be something you see on our website. Whatever you fancy, our stag Organisers will be happy to go to work on making it happen for you.

Call us today to validate your Send Off Card. Your Big Weekend’s a lot nearer than you think. It could turn out a lot cheaper too.

Yours sincerely,

Keith _______

Manager, Send Off Cards

PS. Claim your Discount Gift and start planning your stag today. It couldn’t be easier:

1. Call us NOW on 0800 970 2744 to discover the value of the Discount Gift preloaded to your Send Off Card.

2. Visit to plan where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do.

3. Wait for a call from your Red Seven stag Organiser. We’ll do the rest!

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