In this sample, taken from a manual distributed at the end of a short training course, I’m apprising Jeep showroom sales personnel of the position of a new model within the range. 96 page salesforce product book to accompany the European launch of the new Cherokee Jeep.

completed: 2006
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Every Jeep offers a unique combination of go anywhere/do anything off-road engineering and rugged, action styling.

This combination is presented to the public in varying balances, each of which a different demograph can identify with and aspire to.

There are currently three Jeep vehicles, all distinct and yet each, unquestionably, ‘a Jeep’.

The new Cherokee slots into the line-up between the much loved Grand Cherokee and the iconic Wrangler.

The Grand Cherokee, Jeep’s high end flagship, offers distinctive exterior cues and detail which make it
attractive to luxury vehicle owners.

Its unquestionable ruggedness, however, marks it out as a Jeep.

The Wrangler, the icon of the brand, is the purest descendent in brand character of the original Civilian Jeeps.

It presents the brand heritage in a true, ‘fun-and-freedom’ context. Again, however, it’s unquestionably a Jeep.

The new Cherokee, for its part, takes the core Jeep grit and performance, and refines, restyles and re-presents them for a more urbanised, sporting action lifestyle.

It’s a vehicle for modern living in the twenty-first century. But it is, unquestionably, a Jeep.

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