Lunch-Boxxx is one of those remarkable projects which occasionally come a copywriter’s way. It’s a stylish storage box for a girl to keep certain personal leisure equipment tucked safely away from prying eyes. This 20 page booklet is supplied inside the box itself, offering humorous guidance on how the owner might get the most from both her Lunch-Boxxx and its contents. Product booklet for Lunch-Boxxx.

completed: 2007
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Your freedom to connect with your own sexuality and explore your capacity for physical pleasure has received a thrilling new lift from recent, exciting developments to every girl’s best friend…the vibrator.

Whether it’s a quiet night alone with brand new AA batteries, or rollicking post-club action with the object of your affections, your Rabbit or other favourite is now a bedroom must-have.

But where to tidy your pride and joy away from prying eyes?

Your Lunch-Boxxx. Stylish, hygienic and discreet.

Yet turn the key, and all life’s pleasures await you.


While all models offer secret pleasures, the ubiquitous Rabbit, with it’s dual-action twirling shaft and darling little bunny ears, has re-invented the vibrator and, for many, turned our own company into an evening’s most favoured entertainment.

The delights of dual action are not, of course, for everyone. Your own preference might be for that generously sculpted souvenir of your first trip to Amsterdam, or the failing motor and familiar ridges of your trusted old friend from the boarding school dorm.

The choice is yours. Rest assured that your Lunch-Boxxx has been designed to accommodate anything you can.

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