The house at Hautefage is a privately owned residence in the French countryside, marketed discreetly by its owners as a peerless retreat for informal summits or private holidays. This single, short text piece accompanies a box of limited edition photographic prints. In this context, I’ve deliberately avoided writing in a poetic or romantic style, choosing instead to let a clean, commercial piece of writing ensure that the pack as a whole whets the appetite while also delivering its message.

completed: 2005
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The House At Hautefage

Two years of dedication and hard work have transformed a once forgotten farmhouse into an exciting new refuge, offering creative space, peace and tranquility in the beautiful setting of South West France’s Lot-et-Garonne region.

The House at Hautefage has been brought into existence through the commitment and passion of Jason Maclean and Amanda Gillis. Together, Jason and Amanda have created an idyllic environment enabling you to escape, unwind and achieve all too elusive clarity of mind.

Jason Maclean’s heritage in designing creative interiors spans a period of ten years. He was the instigator of the first Eley Kishmoto store in London, as well as of many of their most influential interior design products. His professional profile includes a rich variety of commercial and personal interiors. Amanda Gillis, whose expertise is in culinary enterprises, is the highly respected backbone of the much feted Villandry in London’s Marylebone.

The House at Hautefage provides an ideal base for writing, composing, mini conferences, private screenings, designing, cooking and scholarly retreat, as well as for a wide range of location usages. Alternatively, it can be used simply to offer an exclusive family hideaway.

It’s in the very nature of the way The House is run that it is able always to offer its visitors absolutely anything they might require. It is a bespoke service, tailored to each visitor’s needs.

The House at Hautefage is located within a one hour drive of three commercial airports. Alternatively, private aircraft can be set down at an airfield just moments away.

If you feel you might like to experience The House at Hautefage, and would like to receive further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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