This single page ad for the developer and marketer of a cloud-hosted and offline suite of business management tools employs a simple, direct voice reflecting the application’s accessibility. Press ad for software developer Bizantra

completed: 2011
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Bizantra. At £59 a month it’s the best investment a startup can make.

At ‘Free for 12 Months’ it’s nothing short of miraculous.

When you’re running a startup business, the busier things get the tougher they become to keep on top of.

Bizantra is a powerful new software suite that gives you all the essential management tools a well organised small business needs to set itself up to work efficiently and achieve success.

Bizantra takes care of your finance management and your employee records, gives you shared secure document libraries for easy and versatile working with your team and customers, helps you sell more with contact management, is secure and backed up, and lets you access your data and manage your business anywhere, online or offline.

Use Bizantra absolutely free for 12 months

The normal cost of deploying Bizantra to run a business is a fantastically good value £59 a month.

But if you are a genuine start up, we’d like to make you an astonishing offer.

Use Bizantra absolutely free for a year!

We’ll give you the full Bizantra system for 10 members of your team, plus web-based access for 100 external partner users. The only difference is that your storage space on our system will be resticted to 2 gigabytes, instead of Bizantra’s standard 20 gigabytes.

Visit our Startup Offer web page below and try out Bizantra for yourself, for a year, absolutely free.

Even if you were paying, which you won’t be, Bizantra is the best investment a startup can make.

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