In this sample, I’m writing legal Terms and Conditions into accessible, consumer-friendly Plain English, keeping in mind the Habitat house tone of voice. Obverse of Order document used in Habitat UK stores.

completed: 2006
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Thank you for ordering goods from us today. Please take a few minutes to read our Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for your order. Everyone at Habitat shares a commitment to making sure you’re pleased with your goods and with the service you receive. These are our Conditions of Sale. You should read them carefully as they apply to your order. If they seem a bit formal, it’s only to make sure your position is clear in the unlikely event of any dispute arising. In reality, we’ll always do everything we can to make sure you’re happy, and if there’s anything you’d like to clarify, just ask a member of staff at the store where you’ve placed your order.

DELIVERY When you were paying for your goods, you should have been advised of the cost of delivery, and offered a delivery date that you’ve agreed to. So long as you live on the UK mainland, the goods will be delivered to you on that date by the Habitat Home Delivery Service. When we say ‘our team’ or ‘we’ in connection with your delivery, that’s who we’re talking about. It may occasionally happen that it’s not possible to deliver on the agreed date. This is dealt with below, under ‘Delays in Delivery’. We like to deliver straight to your home to ensure that your goods arrive safely. With upholstery you must use our Home Delivery Service, but if you prefer to collect smaller goods from your local Habitat we can arrange this.
Willing and enthusiastic as all our staff are to help you, they’ve been told NOT to help customers to load vehicles. This is for health and safety reasons, and we hope you’ll respect this.

ACCESS Our delivery service can only deliver through a ground floor or basement entrance which is close to a road suitable for delivery access. When placing the order in the store, you must tell the sales staff about any special conditions, like parking restrictions, narrow bridges or similar, which would affect delivery, so that we can make alternative arrangements for you. If you wish to discuss such issues with the delivery team directly then please contact them on 01491 838300. If special arrangements need to be made, we’ll let you know what extra charges are involved and ask you to pay these before the delivery.
Silly as it might sound, you should check the dimensions of your room before we deliver. Check access through doors, awkward turns, narrow passages, steps etc., If you discover it’s not going to fit, and need time to figure out a plan, you must inform us at least 24 hours before delivery. If we attempt delivery, and it proves impossible because of access problems, we’re unable to refund the delivery charge, and will charge again for redelivery at a later date.

STORAGE If you’re not able to accept delivery on the date that you’ve agreed with us, and you haven’t advised us of this at least 48 hours in advance we do, unfortunately, have to charge a storage fee of £10 per week, or 5% of the value of the goods, whichever is the greater.

ARRIVAL OF GOODS Our team will be pleased to unpack sofas, sofabeds, footstools and armchairs for you, and will ask you to inspect everything carefully to check you are satisfied. You will then be asked to sign for your delivery, so it’s important for you to be there for it yourself. If you’ve asked someone else to take delivery for you, it’s up to you to make sure they’re aware of all the information given here and that they’re over 18. Our team are not able to unpack flat-pack items, nor to assemble products for you, but if you’d like something to be assembled for you we’d be pleased to arrange this for you and the store staff can give you details and prices.

SELF ASSEMBLY We will deliver self assembly products to the room of your choice, packaged, as long as our team can gain access to that room. Our team will ask you to sign for delivery. Once you’ve signed, we can only accept returns or make exchanges on the basis of these terms. Check you’ve got all the fittings before you throw away the packaging. We’ll send you replacement fittings free so long as you tell us that something is missing within seven days of delivery. It’s important to read the assembly instructions carefully as we can’t accept the return of items whose assembly instructions weren’t followed or where damage has been caused by poor assembly.

DELAYS IN DELIVERY We will try our very best to deliver on the date we’ve agreed, but due to circumstances outside of our control (like delays in manufacturers delivering to us), from time to time we’re unable to do so. If this looks like being the case, we’ll try to keep you informed every step of the way but can’t accept liability for any loss or inconvenience which might come about as a result of the delay.

IF YOU’RE OUT WHEN WE DELIVER If you’re not in when we try to deliver on a delivery date that we’ve agreed we do, unfortunately, have to charge you for re-delivery. It’s your responsibility to be in for a delivery you’ve agreed to.

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