I wrote a significant number of news item pieces of this kind for specialist mortgage lender Harpenden Building Society as part of a feasibility project related to establishing a regular newsletter for its broker market audience. Newsletter news item for Harpenden Building Society

completed: 2018
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4 years in, ATOM Together passes 4000 registered brokers.

AToM Together, the powerful enquiry, AIP and application system for Mortgage Intermediaries launched in 2014 by Sussex based All Types of Mortgages Ltd has reached the impressive milestone of registering its 4000th broker user.

Giving brokers maximum control over the processing of clients’ applications, AToM Together boasts a multitude of features designed to save time and assist in managing cases, end to end, through the application process.

As a Lender partner, Harpenden BS has our full range of prime complex products available through the AToM Together platform.

Tracking cases from enquiries to completion

Using AToM Together, it’s easy for you, as a broker, to track your entire portfolio of cases from simple enquiries through to completed applications. The platform provides integrated sourcing for Residential, BTLs, Ex-pat and other applications, from the product ranges of a wide panel of specialist lenders including the Harpenden. Invaluably, AToM even accommodates combined sourcing.

An array of useful and efficiency-driven features have helped AToM build its substantial user base over the four years since its launch.

The platform allows both KFI’s and evidence of research to be generated for absolutely any products that an enquiry might source. Flexibly designed Case Workflows mean you can log in and keep up to date with your applications and their progress at any time of day or night, wherever you are.

Should you need to change Lender once an application is in progress, AToM Together lets you do so without re-inputting the application data. The platform simply switches the data you have already inputted to the new Lender. In the same way, the platform allows you to copy the case for your client’s second, third or fourth applications.

Like having an extra member of staff

With AToM Together’s design informed by the company’s expert, industry-insider knowledge, its time-saving features feel almost like having an extra staff member helping to prepare and process applications.

The platform provides pre-populated application forms for each of the Lenders, and is integrated with all Lenders’ systems, facilitating DIP decisions from a single input in a matter of minutes.

Once an application is submitted, AToM Together’s instant updates make sure you are advised whenever your case progresses.

“AToM Together is an outstanding tool for the broker community”, according to Ken Hale, Head of Lending here at the Harpenden. “It lets our Lending team at the Harpenden, and our opposite numbers at other specialist Lenders, ensure that brokers have a full, current product portfolio at their fingertips. That makes it easy for them to select the optimal solution for any client. Once they’ve done that, AToM Together makes it very easy for them and for us to submit and approve an application, and to then manage its progress quickly and efficiently. We’re delighted to congratulate AToM on reaching this milestone of having 4000 brokers registered and using the platform on a day to day basis.”

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