I wrote a significant number of news item pieces of this kind for specialist mortgage lender Harpenden Building Society as part of a feasibility project related to establishing a regular newsletter for its broker market audience. Newsletter news item for Harpenden Building Society

completed: 2018
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Harpenden BS broadens product footprint by joining Twenty7Tec

In a move evidencing HBS’s commitment to increasing distribution of our prime complex products, the Society has joined cutting edge lending technology provider Twenty7Tec.

Twenty7Tec, developer and operator of the MortgageSource, Source insight, WebSource and MortgageApply platforms, will now publish data on HBS products to its substantial broker subscriber base.

Most significantly, our product data will now appear on MortgageSource, Twenty7Tec’s blended sourcing system.

MortgageSource brings together a comprehensive range of lenders, packagers, clubs and products, combining these with detailed product criteria and intelligent research logic. It is designed to enable brokers and their clients to find the right residential, BTL, secured loans, later life or equity release product, first time, via a single, cloud based and device agnostic system. The system uses up to 400 pieces of criteria on each product.

Increasing exposure of our products to broker community

Speaking about the move, HBS’s Business Development Manager, Graeme Aitken, said, “Escalating the distribution of our products to the broker community is a primary pillar in our business development strategy. We are committed to gaining improved exposure for our products to a wider network of brokers. We are also keen to update the ways in which we present our offer to the broker community to reflect the technology landscape now in day to day use by busy brokers seeking the right lending solution for their clients. In our case this specifically means those clients in the prime complex sector of the market.”

HBS’s addition to Twenty7Tec’s lender database will also introduce information on our products to the WebSource borrower lead generation platform popular with many brokers, as well as to the Mortgage Apply platform, which streamlines the application process by enabling the seamless transfer of mortgage application data and documents from Intermediary to Lender systems, eliminating re-keying, maximising quality of submission, and driving efficiencies in process for both Intermediaries and Lenders.

For Twenty7Tec, HBS is a welcome addition to its roster of lenders contributing product information.

Matt Howe, the technology company’s Director of Lender Relations commented, “We are delighted to be able to make Harpenden’s specialist and owner occupied mortgage products available to brokers working in the prime complex market.”

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