A second sample of the Quarterly newsletters I write for Pontes Industria in Brazil. Always in a simple tone of voice designed to share the owners’ passion for their environment and care for their field workers, as well as their love of their business. Newsletter for Carnauba wax manufacturer, Pontes Industria.

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Pontes Para O Crescimento 2019. We can’t wait to get started.

Dear Friends,

Spring is always an exciting time in our year, so it’s good to be able to share with you what’s happening here at Pontes. The most exciting thing is that we have been getting ready for the 2019 Programme Pontes Para O Crescimento, and are now all set to go.
We are so proud of this incredible Programme which has already done so much good.
As well as sharing social environmental knowledge, and best practices on sustainability and legislation, with our ‘Carnauba Family’ in the extraction fields, the Programme has helped bring about many improvements in the lives of our Carnauba growing communities.
I know that by working as one team we can make the 2019 Programme add even more to what we have already achieved together.
Lara Pontes, President


New Certification confirms our commitment.

Pontes is committed to total transparency to assure our customers of a unique, exclusive and responsible supply chain all the way to their door.
So we are delighted to have been awarded Certification for “Social and Environmental Responsibility Compliance Audit Traceability in the Production Chain in Compliance with TAC”.
This Certificate is evidence of our commitment to transparency, traceability and social and environmental responsibility, and confirms our status as the benchmark for sustainability in the Carnauba industry.
Our own team, along with our supply chain partners, work hard to ensure that investments are protected, and innovations introduced, in complete harmony with the natural environment we all care so much about.

Pontes’ support helps take Carnauba to Rio Carnival.

Pontes was pleased and very proud to sponsor the amazing Samba school União da Ilha do Governador to take part in the 2019 Rio Carnival in March.
With Rio being the world’s most famous Carnival, it was wonderful to see Carnauba community culture brought to life so vibrantly through the school’s spectacular costumes and imaginative production.
Carnauba extraction was imaginatively depicted by enormous sculptures of rural workers – extractivists – carried on the parade’s lead cars.
The incredible staging featured more than 15 thousand pieces of Carnauba handicraft, including straw bowls and flowers, and Carnauba fringes harvested by members of our community in Ceará.
Not only did this work enrich the presentation of Carnauba at the Carnival, however.
It has also created a thriving new market for Carnauba handicrafts, providing valuable new sources of income for local people.

A makeover for our website.

We’ve been doing some work on our website over the Winter.
If you’ve not had reason to visit recently, please come and see.
We wanted the site to give more of a sense of not only our company and products, but also of respect for Carnauba and the natural environment that we all care about so much.
As you may realise, the wellbeing and culture of everyone in the Carnauba community is also very important to us.
For this reason, the site also now has lots of information about our Pontes Para O Crescimento programme, as well as about the exciting Carnauba Tree art project we run for children across our region.

As usual, thank you for taking an interest in what’s happening here at Pontes.

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