This 2 page business development letter opens the door for the Business Development Director of Derbyshire based Sam Creative, setting out the company’s pitch with a strong headline offer, calculated to ring bells with the SME Marketing Directors to whom it’s mailed. 2 page letter for Sam Creative.

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Turn your marketing budget from a cost into an investment.

Dear Mr Sample,

Attending to commonplace, day to day tasks makes enormous demands on the time of a Marketing Department and, in particular, its Managers.

I know this only too well from my own experience.

Handling agencies and suppliers alone can eat up day after day; and that’s before you’ve found opportunity to keep abreast of what your competitors are doing, to explore and follow through on new opportunities or ensure that what you’re doing is working in unison with the efforts of colleagues in other areas of the company.

The result is almost always the same.

As few Marketing people actually ‘drop the ball’, key events generally receive the support they need, and the year ends up populated with a variety of campaigns, each adequately enough served on an individual basis.

But the money spent across the year almost inevitably amounts to a series of ‘one-off’ expenditures, with little or no cumulative or residual benefit to the company or its brands.

It’s as though you’re starting from square one with every campaign; as if the resource you’d put into previous campaigns had never been expended.

Year after year, the money simply has to be spent again.


Perched high in the Derbyshire hills, up a track, down a lane, off a B road, you’ll find my colleagues and I at Sam.

We’ve been here, where the air is a little clearer and the noise a little less intrusive, for the best part of 2 decades.

It’s no accident we’re where we are.

It’s easier to think here, and to plan; and thinking out and planning incisive, effective strategy that ensures that every penny you spend on marketing today takes advantage of the money you spent last year and paves the way for the money you’ll spend next year is what Sam does for its clients.

Who works with Sam?

Sam specialises in working with Marketers who understand and appreciate the right way to develop effective marketing, but simply don’t have the time to explore strategy and think through their planning for themselves to the extent that they would like to be able to do.

With a team of experienced, mature marketing thinkers, we’re able to provide the kind of vision and analysis that commitments often preclude you providing yourself.

Working with Sam, you’re left free to optimise the time you do have by managing high quality marketing thinking, and making strategy decisions based on our insight, thought and conclusions.

We think. We develop. We execute.

Although we are a strategy-led consultancy, everyone at Sam knows that effective marketing is delivered through innovative and well conceived creative work.

Our team includes the kind of creative people who specialise in solving problems and developing ‘big vision’ concepts, as well as the kinds whose specialisms are in executing these ideas to produce high quality and striking campaign collateral.

Sam’s capability, as a result, extends all the way from seasoned and considered development of long term strategy, through detailed and practical planning of activity and development of exciting and impactful creative solutions, to meticulous execution of the collateral that brings the original strategy to life.

Talking to Sam.

We might work up a track, down a lane, off a B road, but that doesn’t prevent us heading off absolutely anywhere to meet with people who feel that Sam might be able to help them approach their work more effectively, and turn the money they’re currently spending on marketing into a cumulative investment in their business.

If you’d like to talk to us about how Sam could help you do this, please telephone me on 01332 824858. Or pop the enclosed reply card in the post to us and I’ll be pleased to call you.

Yours sincerely,

Diane __________

Client Service Director

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