I’ve used a clear, bright, physically positive brand tone of voice in writing this ad, which appeared in the Times in a supplement on rehabilitation, for e-health platform provider Physitrack. Full page press ad for Physitrack.

completed: 2015
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Tell your physio you’d like apps and vids with your reps and sets.


Still walking out of physio or chiro appointments with a diagramatic exercise program?

What if you can’t follow the drawings? What if you do the exercises wrong every day until your next appointment?

At best, your recovery won progress as it should do between consultations.

At worst, you may actually do yourself harm.

Physitrack. Two ways better.

Physitrack transforms the home exercise part of your rehab.

And, even more importantly, it transforms the whole timeline of your treatment, and the value you get from it.

Transforming your home exercising.

With Physitrack your physio, chiro or other practitioner programs an exercise schedule for you that you download to your phone, tablet or PC.

It gives you step by step, high quality video demonstrations for each exercise, along with the prescribed reps and sets.

Transforming your treatment.

At the end of each video, each time you exercise, Physitrack gives you menus so you can report how many reps and sets you did, and how much pain you felt.

And you can add comments or questions.

Then Physitrack uploads your records to your physio or chiropractor.

Now, instead of having no idea how you’re getting on between appointments, he or she can keep an eye on your progress, modify your program or respond to your needs, day by day.

Thanks to Physitrack every day, rather than just one day in 7 or 14, is an active and fully monitored part of your rehab.

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