This ad is part of a launch campaign for a nationwide dental laboratory service providing state of the art lab work, sourced overseas, for use in NHS dental practices. The work I created for this launch included complete website scoping, build and content development; trade press campaign of these full page advertisements; direct mail packs; HTML emails and landing pages; telesales emails and editorial content. In other words, a lot of work! I adopted a tone of voice that portrayed the brand’s high quality and ethical standards, while conveying its fresh new approach to customer service. Dentistry trade press advertising for Maxident Dental Laboratory.

completed: 2013
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A modern day dentist with modern day pressures, really needs a modern day lab.

Here we are. It’s 2012 and technologies, treatments and patient guidelines evolve so quickly it’s difficult to keep up.

Yet most dentists with an NHS or independent practice are still relying on traditional labs, with creaky systems and making time-served prosthodontics, to help them treat their patients.

Step aside. Let MaxiDent through.

MaxiDent is the brand new lab that understands dentists, and the demands of NHS and independent work, as they are today.

We make dentures, crowns and bridges to the highest laboratory standards achievable today.

The prosthodontics we make take advantage of today’s most advanced materials and processes.

We have a friendly and personal telephone Contact Team to discuss orders and follow up; convenient send and deliver systems; online account management; and other service features appropriate for the way you need to work today.

Best of all, we provide all of these services at fixed prices that recognise the challenge of operating NHS and independent practices profitably today.

A whole new approach to labs.

It’s not just the materials we use, or our lab work, or our systems, or even our approach to pricing that are new.

It’s the way we look at the whole business of being a lab.

Try out MaxiDent for yourself.

We’ll give you 50% off the cost of the first standard crown unit, MaxiFlex flexible denture or unbreakable ZiRock crown you order from us.

Or if you’re ready to give us an extended try out, we’ll give you 25% off your entire order in the first month in which you send us 10 or more jobs.



2012. It’s no time to be fitting your patients with 1960’s lab work.

Why is it that when products of so many kinds make full use of today’s advances in materials and technology, many dental labs are still supplying dentists with work for NHS and independent practices that’s not so far removed from that in use 40 years ago?

Look out! Here comes MaxiDent.

MaxiDent is a brand new, MHRA registered, CQC compliant lab where everything is built around today’s technologies, best practices, and smart processes.

We provide a fast, efficient, service; unbeatable prices; and outstanding crown and bridge, and denture work ideal for the needs of NHS and independent practice.

We use only the highest quality CE marked materials approved for NHS use, and we employ hi-tech production processes including scan and wax printing for substructure design and wax resin printing for substructure pattern production.

MaxiFlex dentures.

As well as supplying high-quality acrylic dentures, we offer flexible dentures made from MaxiFlex, a lightweight, nylon-based material made for us by TCS.

MaxiFlex dentures are unbreakable, even when manhandled or dropped, and blend invisibly with the surrounding gum.

ZiRock crowns and bridges.

Along with conventional metal and porcelain and composite crowns, we supply unbreakable crowns and bridges made from ZiRock, a fused powder of solid Zirconia.

These high quality crowns look great, never break and so, to your advantage, last far longer than PFM crowns.

Try us and save money.

Try out MaxiDent for yourself. You’ll get 50% off the cost of the first standard crown unit, MaxiFlex flexible dentures or unbreakable ZiRock crown you order from us.

Or, if you’ll give us an extended try out, we’ll give you 25% off your entire bill in the first month in which you order 10 or more jobs from us.

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