In this sample, I’m writing to a high level corporate audience, made up of IOD members who are all Directors of substantial companies. The tone, however, is direct and conversational, putting to them the case for buying well structured training for their Board as a whole. Sales leaflet for the Institute of Directors Board Development Services division.

completed: 2006
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This could be the most valuable
proposal you ever place before your fellow Boardmembers.



“Ladies and Gentlemen. My recommendation to you is that we give the IoD’s Board Development Services people a call.”

Day after day, you and your fellow Boardmembers scrutinise your business’s processes and procedures to ensure they’re delivering their optimum effectiveness. You spend heavily in procurement, QA and R&D to be certain that the products and services you buy and sell are efficient, optimised and able to perform against any demands placed on them.

And yet it’s likely that, like a majority of UK Companies, you govern your business itself via a machine that receives no servicing, no healthchecks and no regular tuning.

Your Board.

The Institute of Directors Board Development Services is a specialist consulting unit which healthchecks, services, maintains and fine tunes Boards, helping them to run more smoothly and perform more efficiently. Every service we offer is focused towards helping companies like yours to achieve business excellence.

What do we do?

We work with companies of all sizes, but particularly those with Boards numbering over 50 Directors.

We consider the function and requirements of the company’s Board as a whole and, usually working with 12 or more of your Directors at a time, offer programmes, evaluations and consultancy services which are either contextualised to, or tailored specifically for, your Company and the environment in which it operates.

And, unlike just about any other consulting organisation or any business school, our services are always developed and implemented by people who have served as Company Directors at the highest level.

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