I’ve applied a credible, professional written style to this marketing brochure project for land investment company Primrose Acquisitions. Brochure for Primrose Acquisitions.

completed: 2010
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Why land in the UK is an outstanding investment.

Everyone wants to live in Britain.

Our economy and political structure are stable, our welfare state promises security, our education system is widely respected and our thriving multi-ethnic society promises incomers a welcome and a better future.

If current forecasts are correct, Britain’s population will rise by a third by half way through this century, making Britain the most densely populated country in Europe.

So where is everyone going to live?

Right now, on average, just over a thousand people occupy every square mile of land in Britain.

So the projected growth in population means the Government will have to provide homes for more than 300 extra people on every square mile of land by mid-century.

And in an age in which a third of all homes in Britain house only a single occupant, 300 extra people could require as many as 150 extra houses for every square mile in Britain.

Fortunately for people trying to judge where to buy land, those new houses won’t be being equally spread around the UK.

By far the largest share will be built in the South and South West of England, where there is the greatest density of employment, and the highest standard of living.

Is more house building a certainty?

Lack of available housing would not only cause homelessness, but also severely restrict economic growth.

For this reason, the UK government committed to a target of building some three million new homes within the next decade, with two thirds of these to be completed by 2016.

Though the recession temporarily slowed home building, this means only that the rate of construction now will need to increase beyond even the level of 200,000 new homes per year previously authorised by the Government, ensuring a huge and continuing demand for development land.

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