Lots of SEO strategies still make use of high volumes of location landing pages – pages tailored to present a business’s offer in search results to users making location-specific searches from a range of different towns or cities. I’ve written this page in the same accessible and informative tone of voice I used when writing the company’s site, but the page (which recurs in many versions with some measure of adjustment from one to another) is esssentially designed and written to convert via its form. Web landing page for quality kitchen supplier Simon Fink Kitchens.

completed: 2023
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Your top quality, dream kitchen, supplied and fitted in your home in Stockport. For far less than you’ll pay anywhere else.

If you’re looking for the kind of fabulous value, high quality kitchens Stockport homeowners are always amazed to find they can actually purchase, we can help.

We’re Simon Fink Kitchens. Since 2010, we’ve been planning, supplying and fitting superb quality kitchens (including top line German kitchens and  appliances from all the top brands) for considerably less than you’d pay for the same kitchen – literally the same kitchen – from any other supplier.

The best value kitchens in Stockport?

How can we do that?

Well, while Stockport may be swamped with fancy kitchen showrooms, we prefer to work from our home office, which is in North Manchester. That saves us a lot of rent. We don’t advertise, either. So our overheads are low, which means we offer prices for kitchens Stockport buyers simply won’t be offered elsewhere.

We’re a true ‘family business’ – Simon himself (who started the business, having previously co-owned the Wilson Fink kitchen showroom in Whitefield), and Stephen, who joined the business to work with alongside his father, in 2018.

Stockport kitchen designers

As one of the busiest kitchen designers in Stockport, we’re very clear on what customers are looking for.

  • A great looking kitchen
  • A well-designed, functional space​
  • Well-built units
  • Great quality appliances
  • A really good saving

The best kitchen fitters in Stockport.

We have the best kitchen fitters in Stockport, bar none. This means that when you buy a kitchen from us, not only does it not cost a million dollars, but when it’s in place in your home it definitely look a million dollars.

The bad news is that our fitters are only available to fit kitchens that we’ve supplied.

Sometimes, when people are looking for Stockport kitchen fitters, they’re envisaging buying a flat-pack kitchen from B&Q, Wickes, IKEA or a similar store, and just want someone who’ll install it for them.

We can’t help with that, but if that was your plan, get in touch and let’s have a chat anyway.

We have lots of our kitchens individually built locally by an excellent factory who’ve been manufacturing for us for years. There’ll be very little difference on cost between the kitchen we can build for you from scratch and one you might buy flat-pack… but the quality will be far better.

And as you’ll then have the best kitchen fitters in Stockport on your side, you’ll have a very nice quality kitchen that will fabulous.

Check out some of the kitchens we’ve completed recently.

They’re not all in Stockport, but take a look at some of the beautiful kitchens we’ve completed recently.

Kitchen showrooms in Stockport.

As we said, we run our business without a showroom.

Instead, we come to your house, at a time that’s convenient for you.

We discuss what you’d like, we measure up and then we go off and do some initial designs and a first pricing.

Then we come back to see you again so we can see what you like, what you want to change and so on.

There’s never any pressure on you to buy.

We can do only a few projects each month, so if you decide we’re not the right fit for you, that’s fine.

We’ll still have had a nice chat about kitchens, and you’ll more than likely have picked up an idea or two.

Now what’s so terrible about that?

Live in Stockport and need a new kitchen?

Let’s meet.

If you don’t like us, think we don’t understand your vision, or you’d feel more comfortable in a posh kitchen showroom where your kitchen will cost more, there’ll be no hard feelings.

Pop your name on the form and we’ll give you a call to arrange a convenient time to come and see you.

Or give us a ring. Simon is on 07973 313983 and Stephen’s on 07966 815401

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