I work with the Prague based localisation agency Moravia on UK adaptation for their US client, the employee motivation company Achievers. The task involves me in editing and reworking completed brochure drafts to be culturally appropriate in the UK employer market. So this is not linguistic localisation (which Moravia’s English translator does and to which I merely add minor adjustments here and there), but is an editorial overseeing of the relevance and credibility that the original draft would have if used in the UK market. UK copy localisation for US motivation program operator Achievers.

completed: 2014
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.
*Thumbnails of some older projects were uploaded at resolutions which may now appear out of focus.

The content for this project is not included in the sample, as it’s not written by me in its original form.

As described above, my role with this client is to advise on cultural and market relevance of the draft supplied, and to rewrite where appropriate.

As a simple illustration, however, the cover shown originally carried the title ‘Disengaged Employees Fire Customers’, with the accepted use of ‘fire’ in the UK market making the statement senseless.

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