This is one of three documents, comprising a total of some 300 pages. As a set, the documents constituted a bid for a 4g operating license in Zambia, submitted by UK based operator Broadband Square. My role here is not to originate the content of the document, which would be too complex in both commercial and technical terms for me to do, but to edit and format the document for publication as a clean and compelling submission. License bid documents for telecoms operator Broadband Square plc.

completed: 2017
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Broadband Square PLC is a communications company that establishes advanced mobile broadband networks (presently employing 4G/LTE-Advanced technology), and provides transformative mobile data services to consumer and enterprise customers.

BroadSquare. A Vision For Zambia.

Our mobile broadband vision for Zambia is characterized by an exceptional customer experience, facilitated by broad coverage to over 95% of the country’s population; abundant network capacity, sufficient for the most data-intensive applications, like streaming video and live TV; and unique levels of support to customers.

Specifically, the Broadband Square ‘BroadSquare’ bid promises:

• High-quality 4G/LTE-Advanced data and voice networks that deliver data throughput rates of up to 30mbps. These enable high-speed Internet Access, live TV, streaming music and High-Definition (HD) video, online games, online storage, mobile payment services and a set of mobile apps that leverage local and global on-line ecosystems;

• Abundant coverage and capacity that extends transformational benefits of high-speed Internet Access and voice services to all Zambians, with a particular and early focus on those presently based in unserved and underserved communities and operating in the health and education sectors;

• Inspiration and career development to employees, equipping them with key skills, developing them as business leaders and empowering them to contribute and serve our customers as far as is required to secure their long-term satisfaction and loyalty;

• Delighted customers and communities, with access to service and support that truly address their needs. This access includes mobile applications that providing direct access to information, configurations and settings enaabling customers to manage their own network usage in real time, if they choose to.

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