Like many projects originating in the Middle East and North Africa region, a straightforward but key part of this task is to write in current business English. I’ve done this while making sure to keep the expression of the company’s business model clear and uncomplicated. Leaflet for Middle East insurance consultant LINK.

completed: 2012
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LINK. A unique brokerage and consultancy working to re-energise the insurance sector in the MENA region.

Link is an expert brokerage, occupying a unique position between the global market for reinsurance and insurers in the MENA region.

LINK connects reinsurers to the most profitable business opportunities within the region, at the same time opening up valuable new opportunities to insurers, and providing the support required to be able to benefit in full from these.

An association of reinsurance and insurance professionals with over 100 years of cumulative experience, Link is committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct, accountability, technical innovation and client partnering.

With paid-up capital of USD 500,000, Link has the stability and presence required to help re-energise the insurance sector in the MENA  region for the benefit of all parties.

Insurance in the MENA region: where Link fits in

Despite the global crisis in the world’s economies, the resources of the MENA region have kept its growth steady. In addition, the region’s young and fast-growing population has brought about a rapidly expanding consumer market.

Against this positive and dynamic backdrop, the insurance industry has advanced little. While markets in other parts of the world have expanded through innovative new lines of business built around changing consumer needs, the MENA market remains focused on lines that have scarcely changed in decades. Similarly, while industry and internet technologies have revolutionised the sector around the world, the MENA industry has been slow to exploit their potential.

Link’s mission is to help re-energise and regenerate the insurance market in the MENA region.

Our objective is to attract the world’s leading reinsurers, by providing expert business selection and partnering with them to achieve profitable, long-term opportunities based on outstanding product and infrastructure innovation.

At the same time, we are committed to working closely with reputable insurers throughout the region to provide better reinsurance, establish profitable new lines of business, and assist in the delivery, marketing, and management of these innovative products.

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