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completed: 2011
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Protect your business name with a UK trade mark.
Before someone else registers
your name and stops you using it.

Dear Mr Sample,

You have recently registered a new company at Companies House and so I’d like
to make sure you’re fully clear about a very real threat that could stop
you trading under that name in the future.

By incorporating your company, you have made sure its existence is properly
recognised and also that no-one else can register a company with this exact
same name from now on.

But you have not stopped anyone else from trading under exactly the same version
of your name that you will be using day to day to promote your business.

The difference between company names and trade marks.

Imagine you’d registered a company called ‘Chocolate and Smiles Limited’, and
that you were planning to sell sweets and confectionery with the name ‘Chocolate
and Smiles’ on the labels, from shops with ‘Chocolate and Smiles’ over the

The fact that you had been able to incorporate your company as ‘Chocolate and
Smiles Limited’ would do nothing at all to stop a rival company (let’s call
it Big Bad Confectionery Limited) from launching a competing shop or website
called ‘Chocolate and Smiles’.

They couldn’t register a company named ‘Chocolate and Smiles Limited’, but
they would be entirely free to trade under the name ‘Chocolate and Smiles’
and so confuse customers into thinking that they were you, or undermine the
work you’d done in building up your business.

A UK trade mark. The only way to protect your business name.

To be safe from having the names that are important to your business misused
in this way, you must protect them with UK trade marks issued by the Intellectual
Property Office of the Patents Office. This is the only legally enforceable
way to protect the names your business uses every day for its products and

A UK trade mark ensures that no-one else can use the same name that you use
for similar products or services.

It also prevents anyone else from being able to trademark your name and then
stop you using it yourself.

Can that happen???

Yes! In our example, Big Bad Confectionery Ltd were able to trade as ‘Chocolate
Smiles’, even though you were already using that name, because your company
‘Chocolate and Smiles Ltd’ had not trademarked the name.

But once Big Bad Confectionery Ltd trademarked the name, they could have their
lawyer write to you and demand that you remove the Chocolate Smiles name from
all your packaging, shops, vehicles, websites and advertising. They could even
stop you using web addresses containing versions of the name.

All they have to do is send you a ‘Cease and Desist’ letter advising that they
now hold a trade mark on a name that is key to your business, and that you
are to stop using it immediately or face legal action. There is nothing at
all that you can do other than stop using the name. As you can imagine, this
can in itself destroy your business.

Registering your important business name or names as UK trade marks NOW is
the only effective way to protect yourself against this danger.

Register your trade mark today using Trade Mark Direct.

Trade Mark Direct can help you register your names as UK trade marks quickly
and easily. We’re the UK’s leading online trade mark service, staffed by expert
paralegals handling trade mark applications all day long.

On our website trademarkdirect.co.uk you’ll find a search box that let’s you
check for FREE whether your name seems likely to be available to register as
a trade mark. If it is, you can give us an immediate instruction to start the
registration process.

We take your payment details but do not charge you. Our trade mark experts
then make 23 different legal checks on your behalf. If we find no reason why
your application would fail, we proceed and charge you the Registry fee plus
a competitive fee for our service (£xxx for a single name in a single Class).

But if our detailed manual research turns up anything that suggests that your
application will be likely to fail, we will tell you immediately. If you then
decide not to proceed, you don’t pay a penny… not even for the work we’ve
already done.

(You could try to register your name with the Intellectual Property Office
yourself, but over half of all self-managed applications are unsuccessful and
the IPO does not refund the £170 application fee. Equally, you could ask a
firm of trademark lawyers to handle it for you, but if they fail you will lose
both your application fee and the cost of their work, and if they advise that
the application is unlikely to succeed, you will still lose the fee they charge
for their work.)

Protect your business name without risking your money.

Trade Mark Direct is the risk-free way to protect your business name. Either:

• we successfully register your trade mark, in which case you pay the same
or a little less than you would have paid through a firm of trade mark lawyers

• the application looks unlikely to succeed and you halt your application…
saving all the money you would have forfeited had you done it yourself or used
a law firm.

Start by visiting our site at www.trademarkdirect.co.uk and using our FREE
search to check if your business name looks to be available to register.

Do it today. Before there’s even a chance of that ‘Cease and Desist’ letter
turning up in your post.

Yours sincerely,

Mark _____________


PS. If you’d like to discuss a trade mark application with us, please telephone
our team of registration expert paralegals at any time on _____________.

PPS. We can also explore and register trade marks for you in most other countries
around the world if this is advisable for your business. If you are interested
in protection outside of the UK, again please call us on _____________.

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