International commercial real-estate company Atisreal retained me for 6 months, to assist them in restating their European brand in the UK market where, while already applied, it was deemed to be in need of some regeneration. This booklet was issued to all staff following a presentation at the BAFTA theatre in London’s Piccadilly. Internal comms booklet for Atisreal.

completed: 2005
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Whether you’ve just joined the company, or spent years working for one of its predecessors, it’s worth taking a moment to recap who we are, and what we comprise.

What is Atisreal?

•Atisreal is Europe’s leading provider of commercial property services. The company is large yet still growing rapidly, and offers a truly comprehensive range of services covering virtually all possible needs of anyone who owns commercial property, or who occupies it.

•In its present form, Atisreal dates back to the 1990s, when the company was assembled from the purchase of market leading, long-established, real estate companies in France, Germany and the UK, where the company purchased was Wetherall Green and Smith.

•Atisreal is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Real Estate, the division of the financial services group BNP Paribas which is concerned with property. The bottom line is, the company we work for is part of one of the most robust and influential banking groups in Europe, dating back over 150 years.

•There are currently 50 Atisreal offices, distributed across 8 European countries, plus New York City. In addition to this, our network of alliance partners extends across Asia and the rest of North America.

•The company directly employs over 1600 people.

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