Bean Recruitment formed a part of the organic growth of the entrepreneur-driven Bean Group, with well qualified and regarded recruitment professionals bringing a new line of business into a growing Group focused largely on financial services and investments. I’ve written this folder information page in a clean, contemporary and purposeful tone intended to establish authority while conveying enthusiasm and determination to be of assistance. Insert folder cover copy for Bean Recruitment.

completed: 2012
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Why temporary staff are a key tool in today’s business environment.

In today’s business climate, your business needs to be able to respond quickly and effectively to the challenges and opportunities that come its way.

Gone are the days of retaining rigid workforces through thick and thin.

Survival and success now depend on the speed and agility with which you can scale, downsize or refashion your workforce in line with current needs.

Bean Recruitment specialises in providing temporary staff of all kinds for businesses that understand the benefits of a workforce that is there when you need it, yet which evaporates without cost when you do not.

We work closely with you to understand your business and your predictable staffing needs, so that we can help you to reduce overheads while maintaining access to the workers you need.

And because staffing needs are not always predictable, we’re always ready to support you with dependable, quality temporary staff for emergency cover, as well.

Our Temporary Recruitment Advisors are all hugely experienced and keen to help solve your problems.

This folder contains further information about how Bean Recruitment can help you build permanent success using temporary staff.

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