In this sample, I’m writing for an ethnic, Christian faith based community audience, offering business mentoring in an appropriate, but still commercially credible tone of voice. Leaflet for Faith in Business faith-based management consultancy project.

completed: 2006
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And the land shall be before you; dwell and trade therein.

GEN 34:10

Faith in Business. Practical commercial guidance to help enterprising members of Faith communities realise their business ambitions.



First Steps. Guiding Hand. Gathering Harvest.

If you have Faith and an entrepreneurial spirit, there’s a program here for you.

First Steps Program
For many people, taking the first step towards establishing a business of their own is a daunting experience.

If you’re thinking about taking this step, Faith in Business runs church-based roadshows, workshops and seminars which can give you the kind of advice and support you need.

In addition, we can help you build a business start-up group within your church. This will enable you to network with members of both your own community and the wider Christian community who may already have businesses of their own, and from whose experience you will be able to benefit.

By Your Side Program
Building up and running a business, be it as a sole trader or as a larger concern bringing employment and commerce into the whole community, is both rewarding and fulfilling.

If you’ve reached this stage and would now like some appraisal and analysis of your business situation by a body more in tune with your principles and objectives than a conventional management consultancy might prove, Faith in Business can help.

We’ll work with you to review your business, identifying areas in which the practices or procedures of your business might be improved, and advising on the implementation of practical steps to effect any changes necessary.

Gathering Harvest Program
A business which is operating effectively is of enormous value to the whole community encouraging others, by its example, to trust their talents in the marketplace.

The success of such a business brings with it security, employment, training and other social benefits as well as providing its principals with both financial and spiritual rewards that often, themselves, return to do good in the community.

If you have an established business and are now seeking to build further on the hard work that has gone into it, Faith in Business can provide hands-on assistance in developing and implementing marketing and sales programs capable of increasing revenues and helping you realise the full potential of your efforts.

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