Based in the Lebanon, BSynchro is the developer of the Be ‘n’ Touch comms aggregation application, which enables business managers and owners to keep internal and external stakeholders online at all times, with a continual flow of key indicator data and notifications. I’ve written in a clear, contemporary business English, keeping in mind that many of the company’s MIA clients are second language English speakers. Marketing flyer for BSynchro.

completed: 2012
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Be ‘N’ Touch. The personal business information stream that keeps you and your team informed and responsive 24 hours a day.

Be ‘N’ Touch. The intelligent business notifications and actions system that keeps you up-to-date on data, messages and triggered goals from your own, personally configured array of critical business sources.

Members of your team. Your operations systems. Your suppliers. Key external news and data sources.

Second by second, Be ‘N’ Touch watches the sources you’ve selected and forwards alerts to your desktop app, smartphone, tablet and email.

Be ‘N’ Touch doesn’t just give you the information however.

It gives you the power to act on it, too.

Act on vital business intelligence… instantly.

Whenever pre-specified news arrives, pre-defined event occurs, or a significant variation of your key business indicators takes place (say a new customer record is created or a budget is overrun), Be ‘N’ Touch sends an alert or a report immediately and automatically to the desktop app and/or email of everyone matched by their profile to that information. They can then action a custom-menued response (Approve Reject Postpone etc) immediately, via Be ‘N’ Touch.

Be ‘N’ Touch gives you succinct, highly targeted information, delivered on a personal need-to-know basis, and instantly and directly actionable.


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