Working with Omnicom partnerships agency FUSE, I planned and wrote the content for this 6pp A5 rollfold brochure, designed to be distributed by employers to staff members. I’ve worked in a simple, plain English voice, explaining, without patronising, how the Workplace pension works, and the importance of making early and additional voluntary contributions. Workplace Pension brochure for the Department of Work & Pensions, through FUSE.

completed: 2018
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Pay a little money into a Workplace Pension each month now, while you have regular income. 

Here you are. Working hard to pay your way and to give yourself, and your family if you have one, as comfortable a life as possible.

So while you’ll have plenty of things you need to spend your money on, now’s the time to pay a little into a workplace pension each month.

While you have regular income. 

That way, when you retire, you’ll have more saved up to help you live comfortably.

Why saving for retirement is so important

As long as you’re fit and well, you’ll probably retire when you reach 65.

But you’ll want to carry on doing many of the things you’ve always enjoyed.

Seeing friends. Keeping fit. Playing sport. Eating out. Buying things. Going on holiday. Treating your family.

So the amount of money you’ll need in retirement may not be that much less that the amount you’ve got used to having while you’ve been working.

That’s why paying into a workplace pension is really   just helping yourself now… for later.

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