This is a sample of simple, direct, B2B writing from a series of .pdf e-brochures for a company offering print services from the web. 3 x 12 page e-brochures for Real Print, web-to-print technology solutions.

completed: 2006
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Webstracts are A5-sized folders containing a selection of printed pages of information about individual aspects of your business.

You offer Webstracts on your website to cover the range of topics about which you consider visitors likely to wish to take away information.

Your visitors may select one or more topics and the appropriate pages are then printed and mailed to them in the folder. The folder is fully branded in line with your corporate identity.

The Webstract, with personalised cover note included, is despatched within 24 hours.

How does it work?

You post our button in one or more places on your website.

Typically, you would place it on any page relating to information about which you are making a Webstract available.

When a site visitor requests a Webstract, we print the pages, insert them in your Websract folder, and despatch them by post.

At the same time we send you e-mail notification of your visitor’s street address and e-mail address as well as details of the information they’ve requested.

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